eBook “Top Travel Games”

Welcome to a book that’s all about gaming with exercise; mostly outside. There are several benefits to going outside and having fun at the same time. Nearly everyone looking at these new types of applications are adults who remember the good old days of having loads of fun outside, whether in their free time or their mandatory time outside at school so that teachers could have a break from the raving lunacy that is childhood. As adults, we no longer had this type of fun and our fun was limited to sitting on a chair, or a couch, playing with our remotes in hand for hours on end. It is rumored that spending one hour of sitting will waste away at least four hours of your life.
The solution has finally come about later in life and while there are games like this that came out long before Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go created the sensation that the genre currently in. As such, there are tons of people who want that type of fun, but the world of Pokemon just isn’t their cup of tea, or they don’t actually want to go out in the world but want the benefits of exercising while they game, or just want another game that will keep them outside. Inside of this book is just that, as it has a litany of the top most lucrative outside and exercising experiences one can get their hands on one way or another. Some may be on the way, some may be out now, and some may be in the wind never to come but these are the top most lucrative games that combine travel, inside or outside, with gaming.

Games Featured in Top Travel Games Book:

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is currently massive with its player base, but that has to do more with the old fandom of Pokemon lovers than the quality of the game.


Ingress was basically the very first of mixing the real world with virtual reality and it received a massive, along with a global, following by the somewhat religious types. The game itself is just a capture the territory game made by a sub company of Google, Niantic.

Zombies Run!

At first glance, one would think this was simply an application where you listen into the headphones and hear sounds that make you think you are being chased down by zombies.

Zombies Everywhere

This game won’t necessarily require you to be outside, but it’s highly recommended that you do go outside for this. The reason being is because if you don’t have an open space to be in then, when the game eventually begins throwing hordes of zombies at you, you won’t have anywhere to backup to in order to shoot the zombies.


The first would be to say that it isn’t a game in the sense that you are playing a video game, as this is a game where you are using the world as your playing ground.


While not out just yet, this application and device have received an enormous backing by the crowdfunding community at indiegogo.com.

Clandestine Anomaly

The story behind this game is your average you versus the aliens gambit. However, there are a few twists to this game since the only reason you know why the invading aliens exist is because you help a different alien race to crash land on your planet, or rather the area you start the application in, and then you use that alien to help defend against the coming aliens

Hybrid Play

Hybrid Play is a rather cool invention that is primarily for children and is a way to motivate them to do more fun activities by combining exercise with games.

Mt. Everest VR

The Mt. Everest VR game, otherwise known as Everest VR, is a game where you go through all the same things that climbers commonly have to go through.


When you describe it, it sounds very simple and that’s because the idea behind it is very simple. VirZOOM is a bike that allows you to pedal in order to move and it has two controllers on its bars.

Tread Gaming

Tread Gaming is similar to the last product as it allows you to move through the game in a rather simple way, but it has some background costs.

Icaros VR

The Icaros VR is a virtual simulator that combines the experience of flying with a complete exercise machine that utilizes all the muscles you have in order to move around the environment.

Parallel Kingdom MMO

This game was a good game for a number of years and you will see this is said in a litany of reviews on their Google Play store.

Real Life Crime

This game has many great reviews, but it has been a while since any of the developers have fixed issues within the game.


While there is nothing that’s technically wrong with this application, it is an incredible waste of time as all you do is walk around attempting to catch the classical Halloween costume of a ghost.


About the author: Frederick Lawrence is online marketing expert, big gamer in past, traveler, blogger, author of How to be Successful on UPWORK book.