Free Spins: How to Win Real Money by Playing Slots Online

There are many reasons as to why Canadians gamble online and even prefer it to offline, geographically-bound casinos. Perhaps it is the ease of access, the convenience, the diversity available to them in terms of games and the higher chances of promotions and bonuses –the fact remains; people love to gamble online.

Canada’s online casinoshave many deals to offer, one of which includes the old school game of slots, which is what we will be talking about in particular in this article. In order to understand how to gain maximum winnings from playing the orthodox game of slots, we are going to have to walk you through some of the basics of the game.

So let’s start.

How Do I Win Real Money?

The online slots, more than the offline ones perhaps, are always designed in such a manner that they would go against you; the odds of you winning are often very small. It would definitely be a lie to say that you would not lose money when gambling online.

However, the chances of you winning are still there, you just have to be wise about the tactics you chose to employ. And we think we may have a few hacks to help you tackle the main concerns:

Choose the Casino Wisely

This does not need to be said; gambling is, well, a gamble and picking the right space to do it is absolutely essential. You could get scammed of your entire money by someone who never intended to pay you back if you do not take your precautionary steps.

Consider the following:

  • Make sure the operator has an official license to offer online gambling to Canadian players.
  • Have an in-depth look at all the games offered to you by the online casino.
  • Look for the RTP or Average Returns to Players –most of the online casinos publish it. For slots, which is a less tactical game than the rest, it should ideally be about 95%.
  • Place maximum bets in order to win maximum benefits.

Bonus codes are a series of digits, which may be numbers, alphabets or both. They may either be availed by following the links off of affiliate websites or the promotional pages of the casinos. The players who have the codes have to insert it when they are registering for their accounts or add it to the promotional code tab of the casino.

Afterward, the entry and due recognition by the system of the casino, they can avail the offer that is attached to the bonus code.

Many online casinos offer bonuses because of the increasingly competitive environment in between them; everyone wants to lure more customers in –this works to the player’s advantage.  Some of these options include the following:

LeoVegasoffers a 30 free spins on the first deposit and 120 free spins on the 2ndone. The Platinum Play Casinooffers a $1000 welcome package, and throw in a 100 free spins as well. Every first 5 deposits mean will award you with 100 % bonus matches, up to $200 free.  Additionally, you can get about 25 free spins each time. The third deposit would result in 50 Free Spins being split across 5 different games. A minimum deposit of only $10 is required to avail this package, and you can claim this package by registering as a player.

Keep in mind that whatever bonuses you do get, also come at a certain price. Not all of them will be worth it; perhaps some will ask you for a lot of deposit money that the bonus will be rendered useless.

Whatsoever is the case, as long as you are wise in using the bonuses available to you, you definitely stand a better chance at winning at slots.

Consider the Wagering Wisely

Wagering requirements are where the casinos try to trick you the most. Do not try to hand over more than about 50% of the bonus during wagering, or enter it more than once.

For example, what the casinos do after dangling prize money in front of you is increase the wagering requirements and lowering the list of the games you are allowed to play. Consequentially, people sign up, claim their bonus and just end up in a loop that they cannot get out of; the wagering requirements make winning impossible and the person cannot withdraw their winnings. All the while, the casino had an edge in the longer run.

Obviously, the danger and nuisance are real, so here are a few checklists that you need to keep in mind in order to realize you might be getting tricked. If any of these are being compromised, there is a slight chance that you might be falling into that trap:

  • A proper and immediate withdrawal mechanism.
  • A free and open choice for playing games
  • A specified and timely duration of the gameplay
  • Wagering requirements should ideally be 30xB maximum.

Pick a Machine that has a Progressive Jackpot

Progressive machines, also called the ‘flat-top’ machines, have a timely maximum payout and are linked to a meter that lets the jackpots get progressively higher. Additionally, all such machines in a casino are linked together and raise their jackpot prizes by the number of machines that are being used.

Essentially, they can detect when many people are in the game and raise the jackpot limit as a consequence automatically. Of course, the chances of you hitting jackpot are higher with such machines than with their counterparts called ‘top payouts’.

Be wise about your bets

Depending on the machine that you have chosen to play, you should carefully plan your next tactic. On reel-spinning machines, hit the spin button until you have reached the number that you want to play with. On the video slots, you have to push the two buttons altogether; the first one in order to activate the number of pay lines and the second one for the credit. The latter usually has about five spinning reels.

Pay line is the symbol combination that appears on your screen, which determines your winnings. Modern slots have up to 50 pay lines, which can be indicated not just vertically and horizontally, but sideways and even in zigzags. Obviously, playing in these conditions is a slighter bit tougher

Stay in your Comfort Zone

Do whatever you feel the most comfortable in. Some players love playing with three reels, others love playing with six. Some find it easier to beat the odds with a single payout line which others gravitate towards bonuses and extra features.

Remember that while luck and strategy count for a lot, you are doing this primarily for fun.

Some basics

What is a Slot Machine?

Slots, also known as Pokies, are perhaps the most popular game in casinos all around the world. So popular in fact, that it has been found out that for every eight people in Las Vegas –The city that never sleeps –is one poker machine.

Interestingly enough, slot machines were never created for gambling purposes; rather as distractions for players who casually walked into casinos. A person did not have to know a lot to play a game of pokie, and so they went on to become so successful that they ended up generating about 60 % of the annual casino profits.

Structure of Slot Machines

Slot machines used to be completely mechanical, but as everything else, have also become digitalized. This not only just means that the machines themselves are computer controlled but also that you do not even need machines in themselves –just like it is the case with online casinos in Canada.

However, online or offline, their structure remains the same.

The traditional slot machine has a level and a series of three to six reels with certain numbers and signs on them. Pulling the lever causes the reels to rotate and the player wins only when a certain combination of those elements aligns.

How Slot is Played

To make it as simple as possible, here is a step-by-step guide to how the slot is played:

  • The player pulls the handle or clicks on the handle if they are playing online
  • There is a buzzing sound to indicate that the reels have started moving
  • The reels stop one by one.
  • The credit meter keeps track of your winning reels and free spins.
  • The last bit is where the players are the most vulnerable and also what the casinos cash in on; the high of the suspense. If the player’s first roll ends on the jackpot, they have to wait for the second to end on the same symbol too; and then the third. If all their reels end up on the jackpot symbol, they win.

The credit meter allows you to keep track of your winnings and earnings so that you can watch your progress as you keep playing.


Always take caution when it comes to gambling, especially online. And when you do play, do so wisely so that you can reap the maximum benefits under minimum losses. Take Caution.