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Playing with either short, or long odds, it’s easy to win in this fun casino lottery game. This kind of gambling is a favourite pastime, first introduced by the Chinese in the 1800’s; Keno is a great way to gamble without loosing too much. If you stick to small bets, you can play long and not loose a lot, perhaps even win. But you have to add up the odds. Large wins are seldom seen, but it is possible to win up to $50,000 on a $1 bet. Which means in this game, you can actually play small and win big! It is an entertaining game of chance. Aim of the game – pick the numbers to win.

Popular Keno Games in Canada

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How to play (and win) Keno

Buy yourself a Keno card and pick your Kino spots. Kino spots are the numbers you pick to highlight, usually from 1 -10.  On some cards you can play up to 10 lines, others as much as 20, either way the card costs the same, you just pick the numbers. If you don’t have the time to sit and pick your 10 numbers anywhere from 1 -80, you can purchase a quick pick. A quick pick has the computer randomly select your numbers for you. Alternatively you can take up a pattern play and match a line pattern to get your numbers, or make your own pattern play!
Once your numbers are chosen, you’ll need to decide how many consecutive draws you wish to play. Pay your wager, per draw, and wait for your numbers to come up. Numbers are drawn either by a Random Number Generator (RNG) or with a ball machine, similar to those in Bingo.

Keno Rules

In Canada the rules here really vary on the establishment you are playing in. They will have some game restrictions, sometimes multiple cards on offer too. Best to find out what they are before playing. The more you know, the more educated you are about your game. You may even want to find a regular play station that has the best rules for your game.

Bets start as low as 5c, however, when playing in a casino you may find the lowest bet possible will start at around $1.

Keno Stakes and bonuses

With a Keno bonus you can multiply your winnings from 1.5, up to 10 times the original amount. When you do this, the cost of your ticket doubles. Once again, these are not offered at every play station.
Apparently you are more likely to win at Keno than you are in the state lottery. The odds are better, however you are still likely to have more losses than wins.  This is a game out of your control and there is no strategy to prove otherwise.

Safety and withdrawal

This is purely a game of chance. Much like bingo, numbers are drawn and if you happened to have the right ones on your card, you may get very lucky. Although highly addictive, as the thrill of the luck of the draw is contagious and the drop of each ball rather exciting, there is no skill here. As it is a pay per game play, once a game is over, you decided weather to play again, but you have to do it quick as the next game may only be minutes away.  Keno is a non-stop ride. Picking your numbers per game can be stressful if you feel you are running out of time, which is why many players will buy consecutive games at one time.

Once your game, or games, is over, it’s a good idea to leave the area or game room completely to have a break, or end your gaming for the time being.

Where to play?

Keno games Canada are easily accessible as people don’t have to go into a casino to play it, many news agencies and betting shops in your local shopping district will have Keno/Lotto machines. There is no specific best casino in the world to play Keno. You will be able to play quite freely in casinos worldwide and often there will be dedicated Keno lounges to play in. But if you want the best location while you play, you may as well hit the casinos that have the best views in town.

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