Sign Up Bonus Guide for Canadian Players

Online casinos in Canada, like offline ones, regularly offer a best sign-up bonus offers to the new members as an added accessory, also called welcome or deposit bonus.

Online websites have adopted this hard-to-digest tactic because of the fact that it is increasingly harder to keep customers flowing in when it comes to online businesses. This is owing to the fact that offline casinos come with a geographical restriction, where the players are bound to visit. However, no such restriction exists online and anyone can switch to another platform anytime.

Bonus packages are one of the many ways that Canada’s online casinos adopt in order to keep the customers interested. And so many online sites may offer $200 dollars on your first deposit or may give you a certain number of free spins for a certain time period; there are various methods to it.

  • What do the Casinos Have to Gain? By now you are probably thinking, what do they even get out of throwing all that money away? Well, plenty. They have just as much to gain and consider this a minor investment. With every person that signs up, their customers increase and consequently, they generate business.
  • Am I being tricked? Maybe. Many networks use this tactic to trap their customers while others are genuinely interested in keeping the customers coming in. There are many tactics to avoid being trapped, and all of them require learning about the methods to trick you.

For example, what the casinos do after dangling prize money in front of you is increase the wagering requirements, lowering the list of the games you are allowed to play. Consequentially, people sign up, claim their bonus and just end up in a loop that they cannot get out of; the wagering requirements make winning impossible and the person cannot withdraw their winnings. All the while, the casino had an edge in the longer run.

Obviously, the danger and nuisance are real, so here are a few checklists that you need to keep in mind in order to realize you might be getting tricked. If any of these are being compromised, there is a slight chance that you might be falling into that trap:

  • A proper and immediate withdrawal mechanism.
  • A free and open choice for playing games
  • A specified and timely duration of the gameplay
  • Wagering requirements should ideally be 30xB maximum.

How to Avail the Sign-up Bonuses?

All the online casinos employ different tactics when it comes to welcome gifts. Two of the most popular approaches are as follows

  1. Bonus codes
  2. Registration as players

Bonus codes

These are a series of digits, which may be numbers, alphabets or both. They may either be availed by following the links off of affiliate websites or the promotional pages of the casinos. The players who have the codes have to insert it when they are registering for their accounts or add it to the promotional code tab of the casino.

Afterward, the entry and due recognition by the system of the Canada’s online casino, they can avail the offer that is attached to the bonus code.

Registration / Sign up as a player

From the registration up to availing the sign-up bonus, these are the steps involved.

  • Selecting an authentic operator and signing up by filling in the registration form. Of course, it is unwise to throw in your money to or give personal details and banking information to any willing contender especially online. However, you can easily find some lists of notable online decent casinos in Canada and access those.
  • The sign-up and registry process is easy if you have ever signed up for any website before, involving some personal details and a selection of a username, which can be anonymous.
  • After you are done with the process, you are now a member of the online casino.
  • You can now visit the ‘Cashier’ tab, place the minimum amount required, which will be confirmed by the casino operator. This money that you have to deposit is called the wagering requirement, which can be a multiple of the amount or a collective of the present and the deposit.
  • After the confirmation, you can ‘Claim’ the bonus in the cashier tab previously mentioned, by checking your email and clicking ‘claim’

Factors that Affect Welcome Bonuses

Following are the factors that influence the welcome bonuses offered by various online casinos in Canada:

  • The standard of the online casino
  • How much the bonus is in itself
  • How much wagering is required
  • How much value is expected after wagering
  • Safety of your bankroll

Kinds of Sign up / Welcome Bonuses


These are also known as redeemable and allow you to keep the actual money to yourself if you have met the wager requirements. When compared with non-cashable bonuses, these are more valuable however it is rare for online casinos in Canada to utilize this form.


Non-cashable bonuses are also known as sticky or phantom because they allow you to keep the winnings if you have met the wager requirements. The catch is that the winnings will not be in the form of cash. They do not allow you to keep the actual money for yourself. An example of this would be the number of free spins that you can get.

The money involved in the non-cashable bonuses is that which the casino gives you in order to play, one that you cannot withdraw. This bonus money may or may not remain in your account depending on the package.

Depending on the strategy of playing that you employ, these bonuses certainly do have their value. Obviously, more spins mean more chances to win than the regular ones.

No Deposit

For the people who do not particularly feel comfortable with depositing any amount of money through online payment gateways, the no-deposit bonuses are the way to go. Some casinos offer free playing without putting your money or monetary privacy at risk. Freshly registered users can too access these bonuses.

However, this too comes with a catch. The waging requirements are often high, and it is incredibly hard to win anything because the winnings have been topped to their maximum value.

Some Examples

The Royal Panda offers a $100 Bonus, accessible as soon as you sign-up as a player for any of their collection of about 400 online games.

The 888 offers up to 200 dollars of welcome bonus.

LeoVegas offers a 30 free spins on the first deposit and 120 free spins on the 2nd one.

The Platinum Play offers a $1000 welcome package, and throw in a 100 free spins as well. Every first 5 deposits means will award you with 100 % bonus matches, up to $200 free. Additionally, you can get about 25 free spins each time. Third deposit would result in 50 Free Spins being split across 5 different games. A minimum deposit of only $10 is required to avail this package, and you can claim this package by registering as a player.

Final Thoughts

Online casinos are coming up with new, creative and innovative methods in order to make gambling more exciting and enticing. Casinos need to use this in order to remain relevant in the continuously blooming industry of online casinos in Canada.

Welcome rewards are one of those tactics and are usually effective and exciting for the players. These bonuses come with minimal risks and offer to the players a fun and creative way to explore the industry without getting too worked up about their monetary privacy. Plus, many of these offers are thrilling and adventurous to the players.

Provided that one is well aware of what they want out of their gaming experience and the risks that they are willing to take, utilizing the online casino’s welcome offers is not a bad idea.

Just make sure that you consider the following:

  1. Understand how the business works and who has exactly what to gain.
  2. Realize the tactics employed by the casinos.
  3. Understand your risks and limits.
  4. Thoroughly go through the terms and conditions sector of the sign-up, which often has loophole –for example, whether it`s are cashable or not.
  5. Be aware of the wagering requirements and if you will be able to meet them.
  6. Read the fine print.
  7. Check out the time limits. Many of these offers come with a time limit, not fulfilling which leads to an expiration of the offer.
  8. There is also a game limit to the offers; that is not all games will be accessible to you.