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The Bonus Poker Microgaming adds an exciting tweak to the field of online casino. In this game version, players will earn payouts which are extra-large thanks to its Four of a Kind combinations. The rules and strategies of this game are easy to learn and follow making it easy for players to play it with ease. It is a game that is clearly laid out, runs smoothly and it has an excellent player interface and graphics. To increase the payouts by double the amount, a player only needs to select the “Double” option.

Bonus Poker is a choice that is obvious for every lover of online casino. The game’s great payouts, playability and its attractive appearance makes it suitable for all players, whether they are more seasoned or just beginning notwithstanding.

For players who are more daring or more experienced, a special bonus called the Bonus Poker expert mode is available. This way, players are in a position to set this game on auto play. The feature also enables players to:

  • Check on the hands that they have already played.
  • Predict their chances of getting maximum paying hands from various combinations of card in the future.
  • Refer to statistics of ongoing games.

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Rules and Strategy for Bonus Poker Microgaming

This game uses a standard deck comprising of fifty two cards. There are no wilds here. To achieve the poker hand with the highest ranking, a player is supposed to use all the cards they have been dealt with, discard some and draw up to five cards. This game follows the exact rules of the standard video poker. The only difference is that in this game, certain winning hands will yield payouts which are particularly high. The payout depends on the rank of your game. To get a payout, jacks or better are a must. In order for a player to win the coin jackpot, which is fixed at four thousand, a maximum of five coins must be wagered. A payout of only one thousands coins is what a player earns if they had wagered only four coins on the Royal Flush option.

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In the game, the casino’s sounds and sights are at the player’s disposal. A player is in a position to play the game without background sounds, win sounds or the sounds associated. Other available options that a Bonus Poker Microgaming player can exercise include Analyzer, Optimal Play Hints, AutoPlay, Auto Re-bet and Auto Hold among others. This game has been described by many as being educational to the starters and convenient to a player who is experienced.

Bonus options

Bonuses are different depending on the poker room that you choose to play from. The best poker rooms include bonuses that go as high as up to $1250. Different online casinos have been offering a variety of VIP programs, with some offering extra treats such as reload bonuses and days out to events. Loyalty points are earned in all these cases and they can either attribute to an additional rakeback or be exchanged for gifts, cash and rewards.

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