EntroPay Casinos to Deposit in Canada: Real Money Options for CA are ✓ safe ✓ secure ✓ tested by players. Click to play your EntroPay Casinos Casinos now!"> EntroPay Casinos to Deposit in Canada: Real Money Options for CA are ✓ safe ✓ secure ✓ tested by players. Click to play your EntroPay Casinos Casinos now!" />

EntroPay Casino Deposit in Canada

EntoPay is a highly popular online casino banking service that is widely used by Canadian players on gambling websites. It is seen as the primary method of banking which is used in EntroPay Casinos Canada and it has many beneficial features as compared to alternatives. The service is easy to use and it provides players with a virtual Visa card that allows their identities, credit card information and spending records to remain protected.

Speedy transactions and deposits are the highlights of this online payment service and that’s what makes it a favorite among Canadian gamblers. The other convenience of this service is the wide range of funding options for your online wallet, which makes the process easier. All these are just some of the reasons why it should be your first choice at EntoPay Casinos Canada.

EntroPay as a Canada Casino banking Option


Before being able to deposit money into your account on any EntroPay Casino Canada, players will have to fund their virtual card first. This is where the magic happens because they have the option to top up their virtual wallet from various sources such as credit card, debit or the e-Wallet. Once you successfully add the funds to your virtual card, you can make a deposit on your online casino account by choosing the ‘EntroPay’ option.


Players from Canada have the convenience of withdrawing their winnings from their online casino balance to their e-wallet. They can either use it straight out of their account to deposit funds to another online casino or choose to withdraw it further. Withdrawal options aren’t limited either as players can select whether to withdraw the money to their personal bank account or their credit/debit vehicles.


Registering for the e-wallet service is absolutely free while any other charges are explicitly mentioned in their guidelines. Funding your e-wallet through a bank transfer or credit/debit card will cost 3.95% and 4.95% of the amount respectively. Furthermore, there are close to no additional charges to transfer money from this virtual account to online casinos, but withdrawing your winnings back to your account will cost 1.95% of the amount. Withdrawing the money from an the EntroPay to a debit or credit card has a fee of $6 which should be considered before choosing to withdraw.


Canadians that aren’t familiar with the EntroPay process need not feel intimidated because of the simple registration process and user-friendly layout of the design. Compared to traditional banking services, this app takes very little time since it is only interested in relevant personal and banking information such as credit card numbers. After entering all the correct information, users must simply verify their identity and they’re all set to make a deposit and start the first game. Any problems that are encountered while using the app can be dealt with immediately by contacting their friendly customer service representatives.

EntroPay vs. Other E-wallets

The debate between EntroPay and other e-wallets is usually a close one, but comparing them against one another will help in determining the victor.


While Skrill casinosis argued to be a fair match against EntroPay’s services in terms of easy processes; there are still some drawbacks to its services. Money that is transferred from a Skrill account to the bank account is not subject to the same security since the platform isn’t supported by traditional banking institutions. Meanwhile, EntroPay’s services offer players with the convenience of being able to transfer funds safely into their bank accounts without any hindrance.


Despite being the winner in terms of popularity on the online shopping platform, it’s no secret that PayPal isn’t the most preferable for Canadian players when it comes to being an option for online casinos. EntroPay beats PayPal by a landslide in terms of availability on the online gambling platform which allows players to deposit money to various games through a single account. Moreover, the winning feature of EntroPay, the prepaid virtual Visa product is yet to be released among other e-wallet services that make it invaluable to Canadian players.


Betting on many sites has never been easier for Canadian players because they can simply deposit funds to all of them through a single EntroPay account. That’s not all; the hidden benefit behind this is that it allows players to keep their personal information limited to the EntroPay server while being able to bet on various websites without having your details displayed on their servers.

EntroPay also ensures utmost privacy for its users by keeping their spending records off the record which means credit statements will simply say that a payment was made to the e-wallet service without mentioning what it was for. Comparatively, funding these websites directly through a bank transfer will result in a very detailed credit statement that lists the names of the websites where the user had deposited money.
Let’s not forget that EntroPay is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which makes it one of the safest e-wallet services available.

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