Best Casino Bonus Canada for 2021

OncasinoGames BonusWhether you are a first time casino user or player in Canada in Canada or not, it is important that you are able to get the best casino bonus you can find. There are many criteria that you should look for when it comes to casino bonuses in Canada. Online casino operators use bonuses as a strategy to incentivize players to either register with them or keep playing on the website.

Definition: online casino bonuses are, basically, special rewards, offered by casino operators as incentives in order to entice new players to sign up with the casino brand, serve as a means to retain loyal customers or re-attract players who no longer come around to the gambling site.

Related terms: ‘promotion’, ‘promos’, ‘welcome offer’, ‘sign-up’.

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Let's take a closer look at different types of online casino bonuses offered for Canadian players.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses in Canada

There are some basic types of Canadian casino bonus Canada offers that you should watch out for. Here are a few of those different online bonuses that you can get in Canadian casinos. Please read on if you want to learn more.

Bonus logoOnline Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

These types of bonuses are for new players who would like to set up an account in any of the Canadian casinos available. This particular type of online casino promotions is considered one of the best in terms of rates and specific amounts.

It may consist of one bonus or a package of several offers and include matchups, free spins, cashbacks. Here come also registration bonuses with no initial deposit required as well.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonus casino Canada promos will give you a cash prize albeit a small one just for registering in your chosen Canadian casino. You don’t need a deposit any money just to get the cash prize. Usually, these deals can allow customers to test out the site before committing to making deposits. These are as follows:

No Deposit Free Spins

Some casinos offer free spins with no deposits required. These online casino offers are usually attached to slot machines and requires a certain amount of playthrough before the casino Canada bonus acquisition. All the bonuses are attached to a single group or manufacturer. This means that if the casino offers at least 20 to 30 bonuses per slot, the player should also win at least 20 to 30 games before getting the bonus.

Anything he wins will be accredited to his casino bonus account. Another advantage of this particular program is that it bodes no risk for the player.

No Deposit Bonus Cash

These online casino offers and other types of cash bonuses are acquired without having to deposit any kind of money to begin with. You will be able to play the games in the casino for free with this particular program. All you have to do is to sign up and you will get the bonus.

Online Casino Deposit Bonus

Probably the most common,this particular type of bonuses can be acquired if you make an initial deposit with real cash. Usually, the casino matches your initial deposit and makes it so that your deposit can match your bonus for this round.

This particular bonus program is also included in the welcome package is often. You will be able to get different amounts of bonuses depending on this situation. So the combinations are limitless. Some casino operators distinguish highroller deposits as opposed to minimum account funding, thus offering a more beneficial and higher bonus amount to players who are ready to invest more.

Free Spins Bonuses

Some of these free spin bonuses are limited to slots alone. It comes along with welcome bonuses and any deposit match bonuses. This is the easiest bonus to get because you will be able to have a chance to get the prizes with just a minimum amount of betting wager.

Live Casino Bonuses

This casino bonus Canada is exclusively for fans of live casino games online. The problem is, they are not as regular as welcome bonuses. The special bonuses are usually offered the new players who can use their bonus points that we live card dealing games for free.

Bonus Games

This is a completely different type of online casino bonuses that most CA players are used to. The Bonus game offer you some new experience. The operator won't grant you any 100% bonus match or spins, instead you will receive either 1 MegaWheel spin or get to open some Treasure Chest, in any case. The bonus is a game of luck where you can win some huge bonus or leave empty handed. This is a typical incentive for all the casinos related to JumpMan Company, both under their management or in-partner relations. Check out Amazon Slots if you would like to have even more fun gambling.

No Wagering Casino Bonuses

Contrary to all the previous types of bonuses available, this particular type of casino bonus will not require you to wager anything. Basically, you will be able to withdraw with never amount you waiting because of the bonus condition free.

Sometimes, the casino matches a specific amount of money on to the game itself. The same goes for the spins. Anything you win from a free spin will be paid to you in cash.

Loyalty Bonuses and VIP Rewards

VIP bonusThese particular types of bonus casino offers are specifically designed to keep the loyal customers happy and content with the casino. They will get to enjoy a special offers and monetary incentives that could be one of a kind.

The bonus casino points serve as the establishment’s hook for those returning customers. Usually, when you register for the first time, they will already offer you

The VIP rewards and casino bonus Canada offers may differ depending on the specific type of special program that the casino has to offer its loyal customers. It may be in the form of additional spins, or special tournaments that are exclusive for VIP only.

This is why you would have to make sure that you're able to get as much detail as possible before trying to get into any type of casino particularly in Canada.

Cashback Casino Bonuses in Canada

This particular type of bonus attracts large numbers of online gaming enthusiasts. Based on the main, the casino will give each player cash in return for those who bet large sums of money. National bonus comes in the form of cash credits to be used again within the casino premises.

Reload Bonuses

These types of bonuses are for returning customers who are loyal to their chosen Canadian casino. It takes effect after the welcome bonuses have been completely used up. If you are in returning player, you should always check to see if there’s a reload bonus.

However, these phrases aren’t very large compared to the new player online casino promotions. That being said, they still would provide the players waived extra cash for the games.

Most of these bonuses work differently in terms of mechanics. Some may have codes or special terms used while most of them are limited offers. To prevent yourself from not getting any of these bonuses, please be aware of Canadian casinos’ advertising campaigns for these bonuses.

This way, you will be able to know about their scheduled promotional raffles before they even start.

Bonus Wagering Requirements: Drawbacks Explained

against logoWith these types of bonuses, there are many limitations do it as well. These are as follows:

Expiry Date
One of the most common issues of these reaching requirements is the specific time frame by which you can win the bonuses. For example, you would have to play a certain number of games before you can achieve the major bonuses.

Some casinos also offer bonuses to certain customers who have been playing in the casino for a certain amount of time. This means that you would have to be a regular player in the casino for a few months or so before you can achieve the bonuses.

Conversion or Cashout Limits
Some casinos may prohibit players from withdrawing too much money especially for big bonuses all at once. This is their way of ensuring that the player will keep coming back for more down the line. To mitigate this, please be aware of those withdrawal limits and make sure that you were well within their range before you make the final withdrawal.

Double Base For Wagering
This happens when a player least for the bonuses as well as his or her deposit. It may pose as a problem because of insufficient funds down the road.

Low Game Weighting For Some Games
This rule refers to the winning contribution of each of the games in the casino. There are certain games that have more turnout compared to others. It is usually used by the casino managers to figure out which games should be removed or not.

Exempt Slot Machines 
These are as follows:

  • High RTP Slots,
  • High Variance Slots,
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots,
  • Games with Bonus Collection Mechanics.

Maximum Bets Allowed
Players are not allowed to bet lower than the maximum bets requirement. This is because players are prohibited from placing big bets to complete the wagering requirement right away.

Overtly complex and confusing game weighting

This happens to be an issue with Aspire Global casinos, like Wazamba when there are so many interconnecting rules and conditions that might confuse players.

Should I Opt-out of an Online Casino Bonus?

If you register for an online casino in Canada for the first time, most of them will have automatically applied their welcome incentive to your existing account. The new players usually have no idea what this entails. They would just end up accepting the free money that is offered to them. This is why it is important for you to scrutinize the casino Canada bonus online casino terms and conditions first before getting into anything permanent.

It will help you to consult a lawyer before you decide to participate in any casino games down the line. This way, you will have legal protection no matter what happens to your money.

You should also get to know the wagering bonuses and requirements so that you would have the option to get out ready and waiting in case you would need it down the line. It is best that you only play and bonuses that you will be able to play and win through before the expiry date.

It is also important for you to pay attention to your bonus play order: in this particular game play, you will be able to use your bonus amount only after you have used up all your deposit money.

One downside to these best online casino bonus is that bonuses usually convince players to use and spend cash and faster than they otherwise would. This is usually done because of the restrictions placed on the bonus itself. The aforementioned time limit as well as the Woodrow limits that you need to take note of as a player.

Just remember this when playing for bonuses:

  • Bonuses can often interfere with your withdrawal limits.

This applies to cache of players who were not aware of the terms and conditions of the bonus in the first place. If you haven't reached the wagering requirements attached to those bonuses, you may not be able to get it or withdrawn the money at all.

Final Thoughts: Best Online Casino Bonuses In Canada

Final thoughts oncasinogamesWith all these available bonuses and Canadian casinos, there's no reason for you not to try things out. However, you have to be aware of the terms and conditions because this may be are doubtful as a player. If you're not aware of the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses, you may end up getting less than what you deserve for playing or none at all.

It would help you to ask for a second opinion regarding best online casino bonuses before you decide to participate in any of those related games. This way, you will be able to avoid any issues down the line. By taking the steps, you will be able to get what you plead hard for in terms of prizes and bonuses in your chosen Canadian casino.

FAQs about Casino Bonuses in Canada

What Is An Online Casino Bonus?

These are rewards as incentives, offered in order to captivate new customers, retain regular players or re-attract former users of the online casino an play iGaming titles using these rewards. All online casino bonuses come with Bonus terms and attached wagering requirements to prevent money laundering and extensive expenses on the part of a gambling operator.

What Is A Good Deposit Bonus Offer?

The good deposit bonus is a promotion offered by operators to entice new players to join a certain online casino or to play more frequently. Despite the fact that it is not a gift, the benefits are evident. You can play with little or no risk and yet win money. If there are no hidden charges and too many restrictions when it comes to withdrawal and payment schedule, consequently it has a good value to player,  then the bonus is good.

Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

In truth, most casino bonuses are not worth much. Moreover, they are not free. It would take an enormous amount of luck to be able to play and win games to get the bonuses down the line. Even if you do win, you would still have to spend a lot more money just to cash out your winnings.


Where Can I Find The Best Casino Bonuses In Canada?

Here, at we analyse, score and review online casino bonuses so that you know which promos will suit you the most. You can find here all the relevant information, related Bonus Terms and Wagering requirements attached if any exist. Needless to say that we also do our best to persuade casino operators to offer you some exclusive incentives, so that our Canadian audience is happy and satisfied.

Is The Biggest Online Casino Welcome Bonus Always The Best?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, it would be best for you to get smaller bonuses for easier payouts. This way, you won’t have to deal with red tape when it comes to getting your bonuses from the bank. Larger bonuses tend to require more below handling because of the sheer amount of money that you have.

This is why it would be best for you to withdraw your winnings in smaller increments down the line.

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