Editorial Policy

Updated: January 25, 2022 14:30

Assessment policy

How new brands are accepted for assessment and review?

You can submit a casino brand for assessment and review by our methodology via 'Submit your casino for review' link on any casino review page or through 'Submit your casino' page (using form). For more details please see CasinoGames Canada 2022 Ranking Regulation

Editorial independence

The presence or the amount of an affiliate commission does not impact the Aggregate Score, Ranking position or Visibility of any casino with our site.

Listing and escalation across different ranking tables procedure

We score your casino brand like for example this: https://oncasinogames.com/captain-spins and you get listed with New casinos, deposit methods, etc pages (not the Homepage) according to your aggregate score. After 2 months of traffic as we collect enough data on Player Engagement, your casino is re-assessed using all 5 components of review and you get listed on the homepage ranking table as well, according to your score.

Data gathering and verification

We gather the necessary data from casino website (including terms and conditions page), other open sources we think fit as well as casino affiliate interface (Player Engagement component). If the latter is not available, which is the case of all new submissions, Player Engagement component is given a median value of all brands that we assess and rank. When available (after 2 months of data collection), we re-assess this component using real data. Data are verified by our assessor. If you find a mistake of fact, you can file an Objection via 'Objection?' link on any casino review page.

Objections and re-assesssment procedure

Once we get your Objection message, we resolve the complains therein in the duration of 10 working days. As a result of objection, your casino performance can be re-assessed by 1 or more components or objection is declined. If requested, we may display your objection and resolutiuon thereof on a casino review page.

Who are the assessors?

Assessors are listed on the Editorial team page. If you like to become one of our assessors, please, contact us via email: [email protected]

Assessors code of conduct

Editorial independence (Unbiasedness)

Assessors shall not be biased against any casino. Scoring shall take place solelely on the basis of data gathered and according to our methodology. Read our Assessors Guidance for more details.

Zero tolerance to influence from casinos

We have a zero tolarance to unproper influence on assessors by casinos. If we have reasonable doubts thereof, assessor contract is terminated and casino brand is excluded from our reviews.


Assessors shall be open to new brands and new marketing propositions. On the other side, each participating brand shall not hide any important data, including on their financial standing, bonus and offers information and other important information that may impact players.

Equal opportunities

All casino brands have equal opportunities to be listed provided that they pay assessment fee.

Responsible gaming first

We adhere to Responsible gaming principles. Responsible gaming practices is one of the factors assessed within Trustworthiness component. Casinos that perform poorly on Responsible gaming will have their Trustworthiness score (and, hence, the Aggregate Score) seriously impacted. Read more on our Responsible Gaming page.

Purpose and Significance of Contexting

On each casino review page we display Critics Consensus Score beside our Aggregate Score for the purpose of providing context. We do this so you can compare our review to the average score of other popular gambling critics. We take Critics Consensus Score from the data provider via API and assume no responsibility for its accuracy or errors in its work. We also provide visualization of weekly changes in critics concensus score vs. those of our own Aggregate Score.

Advertising policy

Advertiser acceptance rules

We accept adverts from any casino brands that comply by adherence to Responsible gaming and availability of a License requirements (casinos without a license / 'license is hard to find' are not accepted).Advertisements are marked 'Sponsored' or 'Sponsored placement'.

Advertising spaces

  1. Header / sidebar
  2. Ranking tables
  3. Featured brands on casino or game review pages

Advertiser controlled content within the ranking tables

  1. At all times adverts are mark-up as 'Sponsored' or 'Sponsored placement'.
  2. There can be 2 sponsored placements within the casino ranking table (Expanded view) and 3 sponsored within the rest of the table (List view). All together, not more than 5% of space of the ranking table is given to Sponsored placements. [See Example]
  3. Brands that advertise will nevertheless be listed with our ranking table according to their Aggregate score.
  4. We will disclose the Aggregate score and ranking of the advertiser brands.

Limitations of advertising of the 'bundled' brands

We will advertise no more than 2 bundled' brands (one owner or one affiliate program) at one time.

Limitations of adverts that can be linked to the US traffic

Adverts from brands that cater towards the US traffic are not accepted.

How we make money?

When readers gamble in online casinos discussed on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions that support our work. The deal or an affiliate commission amount does not impact the ranking position or visibility of a casino. We also make money through advertising as discussed above. See more details on 'How we make money' page.

User generated content policy

We allow you to submit or transmit text, including so-called “user generated content” and “feedback” (collectively, “User Submissions”).

Comments rules

You agree not to do the following:

  1. Threaten, defame, stalk, abuse, or harass other persons;
  2. Transmit any material that is inappropriate, profane, vulgar, offensive, false, disparaging, defamatory, obscene, illegal, sexually explicit, racist, that promotes violence, racial hatred, or terrorism, or that we deem, in our sole discretion, to be otherwise objectionable;
  3. Violate any person’s or entity’s legal rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property, privacy, and publicity rights);
  4. Advertise or promote goods or services without our permission (including, without limitation, by sending unsolicited email);

Objections rules

You may object to the matters of fact discussed with our review. For example, we specify the a casino has Curacao license, while you state that it also has a MGA license and bring proofs thereto. Each objection has to be substantiated with links to proofs (casino website, etc).

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