Instant EFT Casino Deposit in Canada

The fun of enjoying a favorite betting game from the comfort of one’s own home is now enjoyed by Canadian Players which would explain the popularity of online casinos. The hassle of depositing money in their online casino accounts has Canadians turning to other methods that are faster and efficient. Instant EFT is one such method and it’s introduced by PayFast.

Instant EFT is gaining immense popularity among the community of Canada gamblers because of its features that include quick transfers that surpass the speed of wire-based transfers. Aside from the easy deposits and withdrawals, there is also the security and convenience to consider which puts this payment method on top of the list for 2019 banking options.

Instant EFT as a Canada Casino banking Option


The pros that come along with using this service for depositing money on Instant EFT casinos Canada are undeniable. They go as far as being able to withdraw real money safely through the cash out process.


It’s fairly easy to deposit money into Instant EFT Casinos Canada because the process comprises a few steps only. Players form Canada may select their Instant EFT Casino and choose the ‘Instant EFT’ option on the cashier page where they have to make a deposit. This will lead them to a nice pop up where they will be required to select the bank where they hold an account after which they will have to enter certain banking information. A verification code is then sent to the email account they registered with- enter it in the designated space to verify the transaction. Now, they must confirm the amount to transfer from the bank account into the selected online casino account.


Instant EFT Casinos available in Canada offers the facility of deposits also allow Canadian players to cash out using the same method. Their winnings will be transferred back to the same account they deposited the cash from. After selecting the option to withdraw, they have to choose the amount they wish to withdraw. Canadian players can get access to their winnings in real money within a day or two.


The service offers Canadian players yet another advantage and that is zero added or hidden costs that can be a burden to them. Registering with Instant EFT service is completely free and there are no monthly charges which are automatically deducted from the account. However, there may be conversion costs that Canadian players will have to pay, considering that Instant EFT is a service by PayFast which is based in South Africa. Lastly, while Instant EFT charges no fee of its own, it’s likely that the individual banking institutions will impose certain fees on conducting transfers through it.


Canadian players will find that various banks where they hold accounts support Instant EFT transactions. Moreover, there are many perks associated with using this payment method for online casino deposits. Starting is as simple as entering some important information such as identity and banking details, and direct transfers right from your bank are made. It’s instantaneous, which means you could be playing on your favorite Instant EFT casinos Canada within a matter of minutes.

Instant EFT vs. Other Bank Transfer Options for Casino Players

In addition to its awesome features, Instant EFT also has much to offer as a payment method when it is compared to other bank transfers. The basis for comparison is more than just deposits and withdrawals in real money; it includes security features as well.


Citadel holds the floor as a common payment method for online transactions these days and one can even say that it has a fair share of popularity among Canadian Players. However, there are a few downsides to using this method. Canadian players can enjoy withdrawing their innings from their favorite Instant EFT casinos Canada using the same method. Unfortunately, Citadel users share a bad experience of not being able to withdraw their winnings in real money. This is because the option to withdraw through Citadelis available on very few online casinos.


Ewireis a commonly known bank transfer method when it comes to online gambling websites but compared to Instant EFT, it has some shortcomings. While eWire does boast better security, it will be hard to determine it in the first place if there is a lack of availability. Canadian players who opt for eWire as a payment method find that limited banks support it and they also have to pay certain hidden charges. Moreover, the verification process of Instant EFT is extremely efficient compared to that of eWire, which takes a few days.


Canadian players who use the Instant EFT method to implement transactions between their preferred online casinos and banks have found the security to exceed their expectations. Personal information and banking details are kept private so that access by anonymous third parties is limited. This reduced the chances of fraud and hacking by a tenfold. This allows players to enjoy various games at multiple Instant EFT casinos Canada without worrying about their security and confidentiality being compromised.

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