Play at Citadel Casinos Canada 2022

Online casinos and betting sites are gaining popularity among Canadian players because it allows them to have an exciting experience right from home. While this is convenient, selecting a method from which they can deposit cash onto these websites is difficult. The trends, however, show that a large number of players in Canada are using Citadel as a payment method for Citadel Casino Canada. It’s because of its features that the use of this tool is expected to grow in 2019.

You won’t have to entrust confidential information on gambling websites because Citadel allows Canadians to play without compromising security. With services like simple deposits and easy withdrawal, it is the best service to use in Canada online casinos for an effortless transaction.

Citadel Casino banking Option for Canada


Using Citadel as a payment option in online casinos will give you the benefit of top-notch features. This is because it’s a suitable payment method for Citadel Casino where you’ll need speedy deposits and withdrawals so you can keep playing and receive your winnings in real money.


Deposits through Citadel are easy, simply select instant banking as the option and you receive the reference number that needs to be entered via your internet banking account so they are sent to the system. From there, the money is deposited to your favorite Citadel casinos Canada and you can start playing. You won’t have to pay any charges for the transfer unless your bank charges you for the instant banking option. Any deposit that players make through Citadel are quickly processed, and real money is added to their accounts almost instantly.


Essentially, Citadel Casinos Canada that offers the option to deposit through have the withdrawal service available but it’s advisable that Canadian players check first. After selecting it as an option, choose the amount of real money you want to withdraw to your bank account and it’ll take around 2 business days for the transfer to be complete.


It offers amazing service for unmatched price when it comes to quality. Not only is it super fast but it’s also pretty much free all the way. Except for bank charges placed by your respective banks depending on their charges for instant banking and withdrawal.

Citadel vs. Other Bank Transfer Options

Other than its stellar features with regard to deposits and withdrawals of real money for Canadian players, this tool is attracting various customers who are praising it and stacking it up against other payment methods to see which one is better for the transfer of real money.


Canadian players know InstaDebitas a highly popular casino banking method. Although it has a wide user base that is equal to Citadel, they both are different. Citadel is a much faster process compared to InstaDebit since Canadian players don’t have to make an account, they can simply carry it out from the webpage. The availability of InstaDebit among Citadel casinos Canada is also a concern. Lastly, while InstaDebit offers a bank transfer for many supported banks, Citadel has the benefit of supporting more than one of your bank accounts at once.


Ewire casinosis another option that is gaining popularity among Canadian players because of spreading the news about greater security and access. However, while Ewire offers services across various platforms in the world, it has yet to be adopted by more Citadel casinos Canada. Citadel, on the other hand, is compatible with Canadian dollars which is highly convenient for players in Canada. Since Ewire is based in a foreign country, getting optimum customer service from English speaking representatives will be difficult. Meanwhile, Citadel offers quick help for any issues you may have with your instant banking experience.


Citadel does not disappoint Canadians when it comes to security. This is because of the security measures they take such as never storing a consumer’s banking credentials on the system so that the confidential information of Canadian players is not exposed on any forum. Any new user is expected to undergo rigorous verification of bank accounts before they can make an instant bank transfer. Lastly, any communication of information that is exchanged by the user will be encrypted so that it is protected from being accessed by a third party. Citadel has integrated advanced security software and systems into the mainframe to prevent against any fraud or intrusion which could harm the experience of the user. Rest assured that your private information will be kept safe with Citadel and won’t be given to any online casinos where you play.

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