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From the remarkable online casino slots developers, Double Bonus Poker is a slot  with higher prizes for winners. In addition, you can switch on the sound modes to bring the real casino feeling, while competing for the 4000 coins jackpot. To start with, it has 52 playing cards and excludes the wild cards. As with other poker games, each Double Bonus Poker Micro gaming starts with shuffling of cards

Depending on the level of wagers that you want to strike a deal with, the game presents an increase and decreasing options. With five cards at your disposal, you can opt to deal with them all or put some on hold, depending on the game possibilities. The new cards you get after the holding action should give you a better play.

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Of course, the aim is to win a hand, which you can use to perform doubling action. Here is where gambling comes in since your win will double only when you pick a card with a higher value than the dealer’s card. After every win, you have a chance to engage in doubling as many times as you want, although the game gets harder with each win.

The Rules of the Game

For any game, following the rules is vital if you are to win. With Double Bonus Poker Micro gaming, the rules and strategy increase the chances of winning the game. The dealer will always pose a hard play for you and you need to use the deck of 52 cards to gamble and make the right choice. Since the hand is an important tool in the game, the stronger it is the better for you. The first gameplay tackles only five cards, but you have no limitations of the cards you can hold at go. The held cards get a replacement from the remainders in the deck.

Depending on the combinations you choose, the payouts will be variable. The possible combinations are:

  • Four of a kind- ( Aces), (2’s, 3’s, 4”s w/A, 2, 3 or 4), (Aces w/2, 3 or 4), (2’s, 3’s, 4’s) and (5’s –K’s)
  • Flush and Royal Flush
  • Three of a kind or two pairs
  • Straight or straight flush options
  • Jacks or Better

The Royal Flush allows you to break a paying hand without any losses. In addition, for beginners, the four of kind combinations will favor your play. For every 400 hands milestones, you achieve the odds for four of a kind. The lower the ranking of your combinations, the lower the payout and the vice versa is also true.

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The Bonus Options

Double Bonus Poker Micro gaming offers a number of bonuses as you achieve the different milestones of four of a kind hand in the game. For instance, when you achieve four aces, the casino gives you 800 credits unlike the ordinary poker that gives you 400 credits. While playing, you are eligible to doubling bonuses each time you win a hand. The extra card to play against the dealer gives you a chance to get more coins for the next milestone. In case you hit two jacks, you achieve two crowns and you can accumulate them as you achieve better combinations.

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