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There are literally thousands of online casinosto choose from to play roulette. Some are corrupt, some brighter and fall in this gray area in between. Customer service is terrible in some casinos, with little or no possibility of finding solutions to problems that occur occasionally. Some pages seem to play more in favor when playing a certain way; some take an eternity in the withdrawal process and become a nightmare because you get your hard earned profits.

In short, such as meetings and banquets are a huge number of factors play with a degree of success and happiness. I found this mention of hard times over. Finally, I started a list of sites that are easier to compile only roulette, and especially a much larger list of sites that I was worried for one reason or another. If I put what I had begun to develop, I began my results, changes in a very positive view. Websites that I felt were just "lucky" when I made the problems usually lost in other places are now reunited in the actual production losses instead of profits. When I asked for payment, which appeared at any time without having to answer e-mails and ten days after days of questions about whether he had actually paid. When I had technical problems, some pages were downright reckless for me and never as a client and a cash cow for all the ridiculous excuse for a service had - all detainees! I was less worried about being scammed and exploited, and more in the actual gambling sites could trust. If you want to enjoy gaming then you must have to play European roulette. If you can play European then believe me you will be out of this world, because this will make you so happy.

Now do not get me wrong, I do not start a victory every time I play roulette, I just realized that the recording was the trusted sites of five or six years, and my game differently as a whole a very positive step the results and play by play.

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Why European?

Should be a real reason is? Of course it is... Chances are much better for you in European single zero to play roulette and other forms of European roulette. Take a look...

When you wan to play European Roulette some thing you need to know about it that, it has a design consisting of a total of 37 numbers (0-36) and € 1 for a bet up a winning number, the return is £ 36 (35 / 1). The house edge is 2.7%.

The Americans play roulette, a plan consisting of a total of 38 numbers (0 to 36, 00) and has returned to be 1 € Straight Up a winning number, the statement, provided £ 36 (35/1). The house edge is 5.26% - almost double the European!

Pay attention to other forms of Roulette, which is currently offered with fewer digits on the system. I saw a nine-digit (0-8) and £ 1 for a straight, are only € 8 (1.7) obtained. If you do the math, they are almost four times worse come to these games like European it has a house edge against a large 11.1%!

So we play European Roulette as love - we have a better chance of winning money.

Do not worry, although the single zero roulette is commonly known as European , players available worldwide. In the same way, but double zero roulette wheel is often the U.S., since this and other games, as they are available to all users. So a word of caution: always selective, not only in the places, but also the type!

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