Fun Drinking Games For Your Party!

We all love to have fun, not just once in a while but always. People do different things to have fun but one of the common ways to have fun is to drink. Yeah! Drinking can be fun but not as much fun as with a bunch of very interesting and crazy friends. It’s not just about the drink or the effect, the process of drinking and who you are drinking with that makes it so much fun.

A very big bag of love goes to whoever started the drinking games because it helps light up the room. It can be an avenue to know more about your friends because we all have friends that spill a lot when they are drunk. It can also be an avenue to get rid of all the stress of the day, week or the whole year in general.

Drinking Games That Could Help Spice Up Your Party

I Have Never

This particular game is so much fun when you have some really uptight friends that do not love to talk. This is a great opportunity to know their secrets.

How it works: You would say something you have never done and whoever (it might be two or more) that has done that particular thing before would take their drink. It would be much fun when you do it with shots. For example, when you say “I have never cheated in an exam” Everyone that has cheated in an exam before would take their shot.

The Thumper

This game is really fun when almost everyone at the table is almost drunk and maybe sleepy. This can help make the moment alive again.

How it works: Everyone picks a hand motion, it could be the peace sign or the f**k sign, it depends on what comes to your mind. You do the hand motion for everyone to see. When everyone has done theirs, you start the game by doing your hand motion and doing someone else’s hand motion while the others hit the table. The other person’s hand motion that was done would then continue from there by doing his own and then someone else’s and then it goes on like that. The person that does his hand motion slowly or does not get it fast takes a drink.

Who's Most Likely

When you play this game among your friends that knows you so well, you are likely to go home really drunk.

How it works: Someone asks a question like Who’s most likely to date her boss? Or who’s most likely to get drunk tonight? Then the others point at you. The person being pointed at has to take a drink for everyone that points at him/her. That means if 10 people point at you, you take 10 sips or shots depending on the drink you are having that night.

The Straight Face

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep a straight face in some kind of situations. This is one of the situation. (personally, if I play this game I would go home walking upside down)

How it works: Everyone writes something in a paper, it has to be something absurd, silly or crazy. Then everyone has to pick up a paper and read whatever is on the paper with a straight face. Whoever fails would have a drink. You are going to have a drink for as many times you fail to read the sentence with a straight face.

I'm Going To The Bar

If you ever played the game“I’m going on a picnic” , well this is the drink version.

How it works: Someone starts with the statement “I am going to the bar and I am going to get a tequila shot (or any other drink you would love to mention)”. The next person repeats the same thing and then adds something else to it and then the next and the next. Then, it goes on like that. Whoever makes a mistake gets to down a drink or a shot.

The True Or False Game

This involves telling a story, so you better not be too drunk while playing this game.

How it works: Every player writes down different nouns on pieces of paper. Each player picks a paper and then rolls the dice without letting anyone see it. If the number that comes up is an even number, then you have to say a true story about yourself that involves the noun you picked and if the number is false then you have to make up a story involving the noun. When you are done telling your story, they would have to guess if your story is true or false, if the others guess right, then you have to drink for every number of people (that means if 7 people guessed right you have to drink 7 times) but if they guess wrong then they have to drink.


This game can be fun when your crush is at the table. It gives you an opportunity to stare at him/her freely.

How it works: Everyone puts their head on the table. Someone then counts to three, on the count of three, everyone looks up from the table and stares at someone. You are free if you are staring at someone not staring back at you but if you are staring at someone staring right back at you then you shout MEDUSA. After shouting Medusa, you take a shot.

Cup Swap

This game depends on how fast you can be, if not you are going to have to take a lot of booze (but that’s the aim right?)

How it works: Everyone at the table has two cups and a spoon. One cup will be filled with alcohol and then the other would be empty. On the count of three, everyone starts transferring the alcohol from the first cup to the second cup using the spoon while someone is counting. At the end of the allotted minute, everyone drinks what is left in their cup.

The “Tion” Game

How well do you know your words?

How it works: Everyone forms a circle around the table. Someone mentions a word that ends with “tion” e.g. Education and then the other mentions another word ending with “tion”. Anyone who mentions a word someone mentioned earlier or anyone that could not mention any word will have a drink. To make it really interesting you can restrict the words to a particular niche.

Created by casinz