How to play mini baccarat game

Mini baccarat is one of the simplest games where the player is limited to deciding the kind of bet to make. The game is played on a mini baccarat table which has several areas including chip stacks, commission boxes, tie betting area, banker betting area, player betting area and the shoe.

Before we get to the games, let’s get the basics right. When it comes to games its rules first so before we start on how to play mini baccarat, here are the rules:

    1. Both the banker and the drawer draw two cards each at a time.
    2. If either one of their cards totals 8 or 9, they both automatically stand.
    3. The player stands if their total is 6 or 7.
    4. The banker hits a total of 5 or less if the player stands.
    5. The banker gives the player a third card if the player automatically hits by having a total is 5 or less.
    6. A third card is drawn by the banker if the drawer receives a third card. This is according to a set of instructions as shown below. They are known as the baccarat drawing rules:

Banker’s total Player’s total
0, 1 or 2 draw a third card
3 if players thirds card is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 or 0, banker draws
4 if player’s third card is 2, 3,4,5,6 or 7, banker draws
5 if player’s third card is 4, 5, 6 or 7, banker draws
6 if player’s third card is 6 or 7, banker draws
7 banker stands

  1. The one with the total close to 9 wins ones the final cads are dealt.

The player can bet in the following ways:

  • Bet in their own hands and face a 1.24%house edge
  • Bet on banker’s hand and face a house edge of 0.6 for 4% house cut or 1.06% for 5% house cut.
  • Tie bet and face a hose bet of between 5% and 14%

Note that a house edge is the average profit of a casino from a player’s bet.

To improve your odds, avoid the tie bet.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. First, ensure that you bet according to the betting rules. The betting rules include:
  2. Betting on the player’s hands - this is done by placing the gaming chips in the player area such that you win when the player’s hand is greater than that of the dealer.Betting on the banker’s hands – this is done by placing the gaming chips in front of the banker’s area such that you win if the banker’s area is greater than that of the player.Betting on the tie hand - this is done by placing the gaming chips in the tie area such that if there is a tie the bets in either the baker or the player are returned but they can be left for the next round.
  1. The dealer deals four cards facing up, two cards to the payer’s and two to the banker’s hand
  2. Dealer deals the third cards to one or both hands while following the rules of the baccarat drawings
  3. The dealer compares the values in the hands of both the player and the banker
  4. The dealer collects the bets that are lost and pays the winning

The Dragon Bonus wager has to be made by the players before the "no more bets." is called by the dealer. When your hand is a natural winner then the Dragon Bonus wins, this is also the case when your non natural hand wins by four points at the least. The larger the margin of victory, with Non-Natural winners, the large the payout. The Dealer deals the traditional Mini-Baccarat hand in accordance with the house procedures. The Dealer reconciles the traditional Mini-Baccarat wagers when the hand is over, according to the house procedures.

The house will remove losing bets immediately and then pay the winners.

Next time you think of casino games, you can start with mini baccarat since you now know how to play mini baccarats.

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