Ideas for casino party decorations

A casino party is not just any other party; it requires the elegance it deserves. Everything needs to be perfect in every aspect and therefore keenness to detail is a must-have, must-do.

We will go through every element and help you have the elegance that your casino party ought to have.

1. The entrance

When it comes to Casinos what you see is what you get, when the entry is inviting the inside will most definitely be just as awesome. You could choose to have large dice boxes stacked one on top of another such that they form a dice-pillar at the entrance. Other ideas are listed below:

  • Large pokers cards at the entrance choose your favorite poker cards and have them printed on large paper then make them an entrance décor
  • Balloon pillar. Have balloon pillars at both sides of the entrance. Choose favorable colors, preferably dark colors such as black and red. On top of them, have something casino-related such as poker cards.
  • The entrance is not limited to the door area. Have a tunnel leading into the casino. The shaft could be made of balloons hung to form an inverted letter V’ or a small-caps letter n’. It will be an exhilarating experience for your guests.

Explore your creativity as much as you can, there is always something to do with all the ideas.

2. The inside job

The floor, the ceiling, the walls, the internal partitions and lighting and should reflect party theme of a CASINO.

a. Lighting and Walls

The light will differ from the washrooms and the different game tables all the way to the bar. The wall décor has a significant influence on the light effect. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Choose a color of your choice; I would prefer red, maroon, green or blue. This can be done by painting or using large curtains of the above colors. Casino LED lighting will go a long way in facilitating the impact you want.
  • For the game areas, give your customers as much privacy to unleash their tricks with enough visibility to avoid any unnecessary chaos. Blend lighting colors of your choice as suits the theme.
  • The walls can be the only source of the illumination such that you don’t have to have bulbs and light stands anywhere within the casino. Different colored LED lighting could illuminate different sections of the walls.
  • You can have one centre tower which would be the only light source. Whatever you do for lighting, put the walls into consideration. If you want a darker bit well lit environ then go for dark wall material or use dark wall backdrops.

b. Ceiling and floor

The ceiling and floors have a wide range of ideas for casino party decorations. I will list some of them for you to begin with as you venture into elegance within the casino.

  • Make the ceiling have a sea-glass appearance. To do this, the ceiling can be lit with LED light which are placed within refined continuous plastic casings of sea-blue color. The floor, in this case should be made of a material of choice which has a shade of blue on it.
  • Make the ceiling dark then use light it such that the bulbs take the shape of a flower, spiral or any other design of choice.
  • The floor can be carpeted or tiled, flowered or plain, lit or not lit depending on the party theme

c. Tables, chairs

  • The couches and chairs ought to be placed such that the people will be comfortable and space will be enough to allow for movement.
  • Use decors that relate to the games played in the casino. You can have balloons, enlarged images of poker, dice, the wheel, placed on the walls or on boards which are placed along the casino.

Whatever you intend to have on ideas for casino party decorations; always ensure it has an aspect of a casino in it.

Created by casinz