InstaDebit Casinos

Long gone are the days when Canadian players would have to give private information and details to every online casino that they visit because, with the help of InstaDebit, they can enjoy the game without worrying about security. With features comprising quick service, easy deposits, and effortless withdrawals, this tool is the all-rounder you need for every time you go to an InstaDebit Casino Canada.

The prevalence of online gambling sites have made it easier for players in Canada to enjoy the pleasure of gambling in the comfort of their home but the method of payment is difficult to decide upon. One popular payment method among Canadian gamblers is this service, and it has some amazing features that have set it out to become the best service in 2019. You’ll find that this is the perfect option when you’re playing for InstaDebit Casinos Canada.

InstaDebit Casino Real Money Options for Canada


There are many features that come with using this banking option in InstaDebit Casinos. The most convenient features of it are the easy deposit and withdrawal process which provides you with real money in no time.


InstaDebit is a convenient bank transfer service that doesn’t place any restrictions on what bank you have to be affiliated with to use this service. Depositing funds into your online InstaDebit casino account is easier than doing so with an e-wallet service because money doesn’t have to be transferred to a virtual wallet first. Instead, it is instantly transferred right from your bank account and into your online gambling balance on the website.


Although InstaDebit doesn’t act as an e-wallet service, an account will still hold money that is refunded or sent by a merchant i.e. online casino. So when your winnings are transferred to your account, it is loaded as credit that you can choose to withdraw to your bank account or use at other online InstaDebit casinos. You can choose to withdraw a particular amount or all your winnings at one time. Either way, you can simply select the option and find the funds in your account after a few days.


This may be hard to believe but having an InstaDebit account comes with none of the charges and fees, which are commonly associated with e-wallets. It only charges $1 on deposits to an online InstaDebit casino but that’s only if you don’t have any credit on your balance. Otherwise, a deposit straight from your balance doesn’t cost a penny. There is a $2 fee for every withdrawal that you make.


Registering is simple because all you need to do is enter some relevant banking information such as your bank account number and personal details. InstaDebit verifies that it’s really your profile by depositing an amount in it so all you need to do is confirm it after which your profile is validated. Accessing your account details is simple and you can connect using the Consumer Log-in feature. Canadians can view data about deposits, withdrawals, refunds, etc. from a single place which offers added convenience. Moreover, you can change your personal data from here too and if you’re facing any difficulties, their 24/7 customer service team will gladly help you out.

InstaDebit Casino vs. Other Bank Transfer Options

Aside from its features of easy deposit and quick retrieval of real money, it also holds up against other banking methods used for betting and playing on InstaDebit casino.

Comparing it vs Citadel Casino

A well-known bank transfer method in online casinos is Citadel but despite its popularity which can rival that of InstaDebit, the two of them are different when stacked up against each other. The lack of availability makes it difficult to sign up for a Citadel account in the first place. While this service can link any bank account that is held by Canadian players, Citadel cannot and has a restriction on which banks it offers services to. It’s unfortunate for Citadel users in Canada that have made a deposit using their account because the option of withdrawing back to your bank account is available on very few online casinos. This limits the playing field for users that hold Citadel method.

Comparing InstaDebit Casino vs Ewire

Ewire is popping up on the online gambling scene and many players are adopting the payment method in a flurry of excitement because it boasts features such as heightened security and easy access. However, there are still some disadvantages to it when it is compared to InstaDebit. While InstaDebit is purely developed for Canadian players so they can have easier access to online casinos, the same cannot be said for Ewire which is a foreign company. This means that their customer service will be lacking the efficiency of one that is based in the same area as Canadian players. Moreover, the verification process of Ewire can take up to days which is very slow when compared to that of InstaDebit.


Using this account to have access to online InstaDebit casinos provides Canadian players with more convenience and security as well. The only time they have to enter their bank account information is while registering after which they can safely play on online casinos without worrying about security being compromised and get a hold of their winnings in real money as well. There won’t be a risk of unauthorized users or hackers getting hold of your information and your identity remains confidential while you play and deposit money on online casinos.