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Joker poker power poker is a decent online video poker gamefrom video poker variations by a recognised software developer, Microgaming. However, power poker series are extremely wild games and this particular power poker features a wild symbol that is implemented into the game. It is a multi-hand video poker online page in which a player is allowed to play 4 hands simultaneously. Thereby, increasing your chances of winning.

To start, a player must adjust the bet and click the deal button. Your major objective is to finish with the strongest hand. Thus, you are also given 5 cards you can choose from. So, it is at your discretion to either hold or discard. just when you are about to start, the game is developed in a way that it automatically suggests which you should hold for a possible strong hand, this option too is subject to your discretion. That is, you can decide to adhere to the suggestion or continue. The discarded are automatically replaced with new ones from the deck.

The next step after pressing the deal button and knowing if to hold or change the cards is to press the draw button which brings out the winning combinations.

Unlike the standard 52, this option is played with 53 cards deck, having one additional wild card as a joker. The joker which can be substituted for any card can increase your chances of winning making you finish as the strong hand.


Even if you are new to this, you should know that the major objective of the game is to finish with the strongest hand. Therefore, to achieve this, there are rules to follow to become a winner.

  1. In readiness to win, a player presses deal to start the game and a decision hand appears with 5 to choose from.
  2. Decide which cards to deal with or discard.
  3. Press deal to bring forth the winning, combinations.
  4. If you are the winning hand, it is highlighted on the payout table.
  5. You can convert from regular to expert mode.
  6. Your winning hand can be doubled.

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What you need to know about doubling:

  1. By clicking the double button, you draw a card that is higher than the dealer's card.
  2. When you click the double button, the double phase starts. But when you click the collect button, the double phase ends.
  3. If after clicking on the double button, and the value of your card is equal to that of the dealer, it is a tie.
  4. If the card is of higher value, you will win double of your original payout.
  5. When your card is of lesser value, the double phase is over.

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You can randomly choose cards of higher values and the biggest jackpot is known as the natural royal flush which is 5000coins.

The payout schedule is:

  • Natural royal flush - 5000
  • 5 of a kind - 1000
  • Joker royal flush - 500
  • Straight flush - 250
  • 4 of a kind - 85
  • Full house - 35
  • Straight - 15
  • 3 of a kind - 10
  • Two pairs - 5
  • Kings or better - 5

It is easier and fun to play. Good luck!

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