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Joker Poker Microgaming: Rules and Bonus

There are many online casino games that are quite common these days for the people who loves playing the same. The casino games are being played in the industry for a long time, but today they have taken a different route all together as they can be played online as well. Previously the players need to visit the venue to play them, but today you can have the accessibility of playing while sitting in any part of the world and playing any game at your own ease. The online casino has been the fantasy for many, but today they are just a click away from you. In the сasino world of online poker games, the name of Joker Poker Microgaming is very famous as the people like to play it more and more. The people love to play this game through various websites that can be easily accessed by any of the players who is fond of playing the casino game. There are various rules to play the Joker Poker online casino game.


Rules to play Joker Poker online casino:

  1. The game takes lead by the joker who is known as the wild card and is used to complete the various winning combinations.
  2. It is played with the 53 cards which are used in traditional cards, and the single remaining card is a wild card which can take the form of any card to make the winning combination to have the best payoffs.
  3. The maximum jackpot in Joker Poker Microgaming is 50000 coins, and that too is not necessarily achievable with the wild card, as you can best achieve the same with the Royal Flash.
  4. To fill out hand, you can click on the draw button, although there is another way to go also and that will be to click on the auto play button while going from the regular mode to the expert mode.
  5. Doubling is another great feature that you encounter while playing the Joker Poker Microgaming. The doubling gives you the opportunity to choose any face-down card to go, against the respective dealer’s face-up card in the game. In any case, you receive the card that is of higher value then you can double your original win as well.
  6. The customer support offered by the casino is one of the best. 24/7 the executives are ready to help you out if you got stuck anyways.



The maximum bonus offered by the Joker Poker Microgaming to the players is 5000 coins. The bonus can be triggered by the player with any win and the best part with the winning position you can double the money if you have the card bigger than the dealers one. The game is one of the best online casino games and has been loved and played by the people throughout the world. The Joker poker game gives the lots of chances to win online the Jackpots that the player hasn't thought about in their dreams too.

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