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Keno Microgaming is an online casino, developed by Microgaming, the world's leading online casino software. You can play this it at various online gaming sites. Much like Keno in any land based casino, the Keno Microgaming is an addictive thing. Unlike the land based casinos, online Kenois free to play. The online Keno has a board with numbers from 1-80. The board is placed in the centre of the screen with the Keno balls right below it. The game is very easy to play, you select fifteen in the board. Then, the Keno balls at the bottom are chosen at random with their numbers published on the board. You win according to how many numbers you were able to match.

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First and foremost, you select a bet of $1, $2, $5 or $10. You can change the chip size from the bottom left corner of the screen. Then you select your numbers, which have to be random, in the range of 1-15. After picking, press the play button. The balls which are gold in colour will turn orange if the numbers match. If they  don't match, no colour change will be observed and a dark grey colour will be seen for those you did not select. If you want to start a new game, press the Clear button and a new board will appear. There is also an option to Undo if you have made any wrong selection or cleared any number by mistake. If you win in Microgaming, the sum you have earned will be shown beside your bet amount, right above the Play button.

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Your payouts will depend on how many numbers you choose and how many of them matched. There are many different payout levels. Here is a list of payouts for the perfect match:

  • 1 number-3
  • 2 -9
  • 3 -16
  • 4 -12
  • 5 -50
  • 6 -75
  • 7 -100
  • 8 -720
  • 9 -1200
  • 10 -1800
  • 11 -3000
  • 12 -4000
  • 13 -6000
  • 14 -7500
  • 15 -10000

These are the different levels of payout. No matter how many numbers you have matched, even if it's one, you still get paid.

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Keno Microgaming is a popular game with lots of different bonus options available for the players. For example, in Jackpot City Casino you get a $500 sign up bonus for playing Microgaming. Sometimes the jackpot is doubled to add more fun to the game. Players normally pick 5-6 numbers as the more the numbers, the greater the chance of not winning. Moreover, online Keno Microgaming has a lot more payout than the land based casinos. Finding the right place to play is also important.

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Keno by Microgaming is a fun, addictive and easy to play online casino game. Many people prefer playing poker or blackjack, but they do not realise, you have every chance of winning. Just select the numbers and let the ball roll. Online Keno is a fun game for anyone and everyone who love to play.

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