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Keno is one of the most popular online casino games in the world. The game is a combination of the Lottery and Bingo, so if you like to test your luck and your skills, you can enjoy playing keno. Keno is an ancient Chinese lottery kind of game. While playing Keno, you don't need to have a strategy, but you can bet mainly on your luck.

General Overview

The objective of Keno is very simple; you try to choose correctly up to 10 numbers in the panel, that need to match one of the 20 that will be drawn. It is the same concept as in any lottery game. In fact, the more they match, the more you can win. There is a set of 80 balls and you need to draw 20 of them. Then you need to select anywhere between 1-10 numbers for the draw. A payout is displayed on the screen for each number you choose. Therefore, the number of correct hits will determine how much you will win. While you select the numbers, you can see on the left the Payout Table, which shows you how much money you win (the column with payouts) for any amount of correct numbers (hits column). For example, 4 hits on a 6  bet will pay you good, but nothing compared to 12 out of 15!

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At the beginning you can select also your Stake, that means you have to choose the coin denomination in order to place your bets, by pressing the up and down arrows on your screen. There is a wide range of coin denominations that can give you a very high chance of scoring a range of wins, from modest to big wins. Then you press the Play button and your bet cannot be cancelled. In case you wish to play the same numbers again in the second draw, you just have to click 'Play' after you have completed the first draw. But if you want to play different numbers, in order to be luckier, then you need to press Clear Board and select new numbers before hitting the 'Play' button again. You can buy different tickets or a whole book of them for the same race or you can even buy a defferent ticket for every race you play.

Bonus Options

There are a number of bonus options when playing this online game. More specifically, Keno from Microgamins offers a maximum pick of 15 numbers out of 80. Keep in mind also that the maximum possible win for 15 matches is 10,000 coins and the best return that you can actually get is for 13 selections. In addition, the game features a bonus that can boost your winning as the RTP percentage very high. Your numbers can be picked by the joker. You need to remember also that some casinos credit automatically your account for your wins in Keno, while some others require you to claim your wins and get paid afterwards.

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Keno Playtech has a user-friendly interface, great graphics and you can have a lot of fun by playing it. It's a great game, especially if you want to relax, without having to think about what you next move is going to be.

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