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For fans of both slot machines and Keno make sure to check out Bonus by iSoftBet. This innovative option is a hybrid combining both traditional slots and the more modern Keno to allow the player to bet on lines hoping that three in a row will show up on one of the lines that the bet on. To give it added excitement and additional thrills, there are also ways to get bonuses to increase your payout or to win the largest prize, the Progressive Jackpot. With a combination of luck and maybe a little skill many find this game as bringing tons of enjoyment and excitement.

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On the right side of this machine is the Keno Progressive game where the jackpot grows gradually increasing the amount that the player can potentially win. The player is first able to place his/her bet choosing to play from 1 to 5 of the lines. If a participant chooses to play all 5 lines then they can just press the “Bet Max” button on the machine. After making a selection, the player would then press the “Spin” button to allow the game to start.

Very simply, the object of Keno Bonus is to get three in a row of the same symbol on one of the lines that he/she bet on. If a 0 appears it can stand for any symbol potentially allowing the player to win. For instance, if the player has two 7s in a row and then a 0, the 0 will stand for a 7. This is how the 0 works in regular play. Please note that the 0 cannot be used to play the Keno Bonus Symbol. If three of these appear anywhere on any lines that are being played, the player then wins the jackpot. The prize progressively grows depending on which line you bet. For example, if you get three 0s on the first lines then you get a bonus of 1000 times what you would be received otherwise; if you get three 0s on the second lines then you get a bonus of 2000 times. However, if three appear on the fifth line then the player wins the Progressive Jackpot! Even though the rules and guidelines above may seem complex it becomes much easier and clearer when played. It is as simplistic as the slot machines are with some added twists, bonuses and extras included.

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If a player receives a Keno Bonus Symbol anywhere on the board then the player is given access to the Keno Bonus Game on the upper right hand corner. On the Keno game you can select any number on the board and potentially win if any of the selected numbers are drawn. The player can potentially win additional credits in the amount of 5, 10, 15, 35, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500 or 1000. This allows the player to play and potentially win two games simultaneously increasing the fun, the excitement and the chances to win! Keno Bonus is the perfect game for those looking for something that gives the constant anticipation similar to what is found in Canada online casino and the convenience that is found by playing the lottery.

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