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The rise of modern Keno games is quite apparent among people of different ages, especially those who are deeply involved in virtual gaming, online lottery and betting. There are hundreds of variations of the classic game of Kenothat every publisher has embedded deep into their system. One of the fastest growing names in the OnCasinoGames arena is the Kenolab which can be played using the 1x2Gaming platform.

1x2 is a gambling software that has been regulated in the United Kingdom and is operated out of Brighton & Hove, which is also referred as Silicon Beach. The platform has partnered with tons of big names in the online betting and gaming industry which is a good reason to put your trust in them. The company has been operating since the year 2003 and has made a respectable place for itself in the market that many players trust and love to use. One of the best thing about this platform is that it provides the players with the correct balance of game speed alongside maximizing revenue. All this is done in a way that does not affect the gaming experience. It ensures engagement and excitement in a unique way.

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General Overview

Kenolab is listed in the Bingo / Keno section of the platform. The interface is very user-friendly and built with the latest practices of HTML5. There are 80 grids that are provided on the game board. A player can make a selection of any ball starting from 1 to 15.


Just like many other Keno games, Kenolab also offers the lottery-like gambling experience. When you select the numbers, let’s say first you pick 13 and 70 while rest of the 13 numbers were picked automatically, the winning number will draw in approximately four minutes. Overall, you will have to pick fifteen numbers. The winning numbers are generated randomly by the system.

You can also change the stake value before starting the game. An interface is provided with up and down buttons that you can use to change the stake value.

Once you make your selection, you can press the play button and the system will automatically start providing winning numbers. If your selected numbers match the winning numbers, they will lit up. After completion of this process, the results will be displayed on the game interface.

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Bonus Options:

The best thing about this KenoLab is that it provides two very important options that you might not see at other similar Keno games. The first one is the capability to use turbo option. This is specifically useful for players who are quite fast and want to make the best out of the time they spend picking numbers. If you want to display the winning numbers without the delay on numbers being shown one-by-one, you can simply select the turbo button and it will do the magic.

The second-best thing about the platform is the ability to make an auto selection. Sometimes players are double minded about the number selection and this is where the auto selection option comes handy. The option will make a smart selection based on our algorithms.

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