Online Casino Bonus List for Canada

Online casinos are becoming a popular option for Canadian players because of the wider variety they offer in terms of games and bonuses. Speaking of bonuses, it’s the welcome gift that gets many players more excited because they offer players with the opportunity to bet almost double the amount they deposit initially. This gives them a chance to have a go at all the exciting games that an online gaming casino has available. It’s an easy chance to boost their winnings with a minimum amount of risk involved.Being CarefulIt’s no secret that a hearty welcome prize can be a good thing; you get to test your luck at various different games without depositing a hefty amount in your account. However, it’s advised that you be careful while selecting a bonus because there are various factors that influence whether it’s the right offer for you or not. After all, welcome bonuses are merely a way to attract attention from Canadian players, so there’ll be certain conditions and restrictions that must be followed. It’s best to be responsible while comparing and contrasting different online casinos for their bonuses.

The Types of Bonuses

A casino bonus is more of an umbrella term because of a large number of specific promotions that are offered by an online casino. These can come every once in a while when you’ve played a certain number of hours or whenever you make a first deposit. Since these prizes work as a marketing tactic, they offer players with a way to try out the games on an online site or casino, and the casino has a way to hold on to new players for a while (until they’ve wagered their rewards to get their winnings, at least). Here are some of the common deals you’re bound to come across on different online casinos.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses Canada

These are thought to be the most popular type of casino bonus around because it attracts a large number of Canadian players that can avail free spinsby simply registering for an account and not paying any deposit. Players consider this to be the best prize because they get to try different games and keep the winnings that are earned. While free spins can be offered at any time during your frequent visits to an online working casino, the first ones are offered upon registering and then met by a bigger welcome package once you make your first deposit.

Free Spins With Deposit

These free spins are part of a welcome bonus that is offered to each new player on an online casino. You can access these, and a bunch of other benefits, once you’ve made the first of your deposits at an online casino. Various Canada Casinos offer this as part of the welcome bonus and you’ll need to meet the minimum deposit requirement that may be around C$10 before you get these free spins.

Welcome Bonus Package For Newly Registered Players

Canadian players that register for a new account with an online casino are offered a welcome packagethat holds exciting presents. These are much bigger and offer a wider range of games compared to free spins that you get before making a deposit. The welcome package is given over a number of deposits which is usually three, but can even be four.If you have a look at your options, you’ll find that many Canada online network casinos offer mostly 100% match bonuses of up to C$100. This means that you get back 100% of your initial deposits (the number of deposits can vary) up to a value of C$100. As a result, you’ll find double the amount in your account and you’ll also be offered with a certain number of free spins. Usually, these free spins are offered on a certain game, such as Starburst, but there are certain casinos that offer the spins for other games as well.Although it looks like an attractive offer, it’s important to remember that the bonus amount in your online casino account will have to be wagered a certain number of times if you are to withdraw any winning at all. This is where choosing will get tricky because some casinos will offer huge perks but the number of times you have to wager the bonus will be equally high and on the other hand, some welcome deals offer smaller gifts with similar wagering requirements.If you’re the gambling enthusiast that likes to have access to his/her winnings as soon as possible, then perhaps the high wagering requirements aren’t for you. Meanwhile, if you’re just in for the fun of playing, then opting for the higher commission will be beneficial because it lets you play the right games enough times for you to learn what you’re good at. That way, you can have better chances at winning and cashing your earnings.

The Minimum Deposit Deal

You’ll find these in the welcome packages, as well as in later promotions and offers. After you make a deposit of a specific minimum amount, the online casino doubles it by adding the same value as virtual credit in your account. Since the minimum deposit bonuses that come with the welcome packages are bigger, it’s advised that you make a bigger investment and deposit a large sum.

Match Deposit Bonus

For gambling enthusiasts and Canadian players that frequent their favorite online gambling casinos quite a lot, the match deposit is an exciting offer that doesn’t limit the availability of a reward to the initial deposit only. Even though it's true that only the initial deposit comes with a bigger commission, you may come across match bonuses that go as high as 75% or 50% at the least. Availing these offers leads to a higher number of chances, less risk and a big amount in terms of winnings.

Gifts For ‘High Rollers’

The term High Roller refers to Canadian players who frequently play on these online casinos and what sets them apart from others is that whenever they do, they deposit large amounts at a time. Crediting such sums in the online casino account means that they also bring in huge profits for the concerned casino. Because of their ability to bring in large sums of money, they are treated as special players and hence, offered certain promotions.The equation is simple; casinos that notice a large amount of profit coming from a player conclude that he/she must be depositing an equally significant sum as well. For such Canadian players, the limit of a single deposit is lifted i.e. made higher than it usually is for everyone else. At the least, such players will have to deposit C$500 or more.As a result, Canadian casinos offer these players with cash back offers on the total; of their losses. This means that ‘High Rollers’ get around 10 to 20 percent of their deposits back on losses. The amount is credited into their online favourite casino account and must be wagered a certain number of times, just like in welcome gifts and other offers.

Exclusive Offers

In an effort to get players to keep playing, many Canada online established casinos offer VIP perks and loyalty program to long-term players. These perks can be accessed by players once they have met the requirements by visiting the specific casino a set number of times and made a certain number of deposits etc. Loyalty programs at every online casino differ from the rest based on the terms and conditions that need to be met before a player is offered a chance to avail it.Most Canada online casinos you’ll sign up for will offer more or less the same benefits and perks. These include match deposit bonuses, cash back up to a certain percent and a whole lot of free spins. Not to mention, some casinos even give a tip for whenever a player refers a friend and free access to exclusive casino events and online tournaments.The cash back program is very popular across loyalty programs and in this, a casino usually keeps the amount to 30% of the total losses. If a Canadian player is selected or a cash back of 30%, the casino returns that percentage of money that he/she lost while betting and gambling on games.

What To Know About Wagering Requirements

The mere thought of rewards and free spins can make any player ecstatic but it should be remembered that these all fall under the category of marketing strategies that can get players to stay. In the end, these presents have to benefit the operators of the casinos and you as well which is why there are wagering requirements that are set. Every casino states and mentions the number of times that a total deposit amount or just the bonus should be wagered in order to have access to your winnings and withdraw them. Hence, seasoned gamblers suggest that you read the terms and conditions of any match bonuses or welcome packages carefully before accepting it. Being careless in the regard will put you in a tight spot and you’ll end up accepting a deal with wagering requirements that go as high as x40 or x50.

Get The Best Experience

All in all, it completely depends on your tastes and preferences, and whether you know what kind of deal you’re accepting. Make sure to carefully weigh your options in terms of wagering requirements, a period of availability and overall bonus percentage. It is only after thorough analysis, that you can be ready to choose an online casino bonuses.