Packing checklist for your Canada casino tour

When heading to Canada mainly for casinos, one usually plans the trip throughout (if the trip is not spontaneous, but those kinds of trips usually end up in Vegas.) Plane tickets, hotel bookings, figuring out what casino to go to, all usually figured out before departure. If you are smart you will know I have let something out, and if you read the title you might have been able to put two and two together.

One thing many do not think too much about is what to pack. You might think you will not need anything special when heading to Canada only to gamble. Well, I must disagree. That is why I have written and you should read this packing guide for your Canada casino tour.


Usually, when writing drama, you write the most important part at the end. The “aha,” moment. This does not apply when writing articles however, so; I cannot stress how important it is to bring shoes! And I am not thinking about normal fancy flat shoes, you need real shoes that will keep your feet well-heated and not to sore after spending several nights at the online casino Canada real money or at real casinos.

You might want to bring several types of shoes if you want to hit the streets of Canada and party after gambling, as well as a little bit of sightseeing (depending if you live in Canada or not.) One of the most important parts of the whole trip, sore feet does have the possibility to ruin a trip.

Different kinds of clothes

It really depends if you care about how you look or not, but the new generation usually does. Granted, you will not forget packing clothes, it is an essential. What I mean by this part of the article, is how you pack clothes. If you are going to spend most of the time inside of the casino, you will not need to pack too much party attire.

If you are however going out every single night of your visit (at least plan to) you might want to bring a few different garments. Please remember to not over-pack, there is no reason to do so. You should take a look at the dress codes for the different clubs and casinos you are going to, if not only to be assured that you will be let in.

Other than that, bring what you will need, nothing more, nothing less. Just think about all the extra space you will need to get all that cash you won back home, you would not want to spend them on a new bag.

Hangover Pills

This one pretty much explains itself. It really depends on whether you are a drinker or not, if you do not drink you obviously will not need hangover pills. But if you do, and you plan to hit the streets and the clubs to party after the gambling is finished, then the hangover pills are an essential to the whole trip.

It is important to remember that I am not a doctor, so if hangover pills do not work for you, there is no reason to bring them. It is also important to check if there is anything in them you cannot handle. The whole thing is about keeping the party going, to bring whatever you need to make yourself feel better the morning after a great night you might not remember too much from.

The Suitcase

Bring the smallest suitcase you can to fit the things you need in. If you have planned everything properly, you know what you will be doing. This means you do not have to bring a little bit of everything. I have said it before and I am saying it again: Bring what you need, nothing more, nothing less. And most importantly: Have a great time!

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