What is life of a dealer in a casino like?

For those of us who love gaming, being a live dealer casino is a dream we want to achieve. Being a dealer will let us play the games we love more often, experience the big wins and most importantly get big tips from the great players. As we imagine, it will be all perfect, but what is the life of a dealer in a casino like?

It’s not all about the passion, dealers need to make money. Of concern is the money that dealers make on a daily if not hourly basis. Some of the factors that determine this include:

  • The games one is dealing.
  • The generosity of the players.
  • How busy a dealer is and their skills in dealing.
  • The seasonal demand for the games.

There is always a first day, which are normally the most unpredictable. The dealers may be assigned to games in which they are slow-paced and they will generate fewer tips. The seasonality of the games necessitate that during some periods, some tables will be closed hence cutting into their earnings.

Dealers who deal for high rollers make a fortune. Average dealers are dependent on how much they are liked by their players and the games they deal.

What is the life of a dealer in a casino like? Well, it’s more about social capacity. A dealer has to be a peples’-person; they have to be good at associating with the players and their fellow dealers. Sometimes they may have to share the tips they get, in which case, good public relations come in handy to maintain the peace within the dealers. In the case that the dealers share the tips, the skill and proficiency of every dealer matters. Generally, it’s all about the games, the people and the money.

The interesting thing about being a dealer is that they are physically and mentally engaged. At any given time they are in one of the given situations: being on their feet full time, sitting when they deal for poker games or in a break.

Good moments are guaranteed for dealers.

  • For starters, minimal training is required. Though expertise matter, there is no masters’ degree for one to be a dealer. Training for these games are pretty much affordable, some casinos offer in-house training while most casinos offer training when they are first opening.
  • The scheduling for the dealers is very flexible and may be such that they can have time off whenever they need it. This is of advantage when the schedule favors peak times at the casino when one can make more money.
  • Some casinos offer health plans for their employees, retirement programs, vacations and time offs. Who wouldn’t want this?!

Rough patches are always bound to happen. Some of them include:

  • Mistakes. The mistakes a dealer makes may not be tolerated by the players. The players may get angry and get the dealers in an emotional state which may hinder good performance. The dealers have to be able to take it all in and still be functional; this takes a great deal of control considering how rough players can get especially since they all seek to make a financial kill.
  • Surveillances’ watchful eyes. The casino surveillance keeps a watchful eye on the dealers at all times, they probably seek to protect the money more than their customers. Being under their watchful eye can be a little uncomfortable. Surveillance team doesn’t put up with any behavior that insinuates cheating, theft or collusion so discipline is the one quality a dealer has to have.
  • In casinos, the customers smoke and drink. In some cases they also do drugs. The environment in which all of these activities take place is rowdy and noisy with unpleasant smell which is not very pleasing. Dealers have to put up with this every single day.

What is the life of a dealer in a casino like? It sure has pros and cons just like all other jobs. I go for the advantages and I think it’s awesome.

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