What to dress if you are going to casino

Whether it’s a casual casino day, night out or party you have to know what to wear if you are going to casino regardless of it being your first time. The elegant and appropriate wears differ for men and women with one thing in common; they ought to have a casino touch.

Weather is always a factor to consider, don’t catch a cold trying to impress. Some casino, especially the high-end ones have a particular dressing code while others don’t. Whichever the cases respect for the casino, the players there and yourself will necessitate that you be dressed appropriately. This is what we will work on right here, ladies first.

Casino ladies’ wear

Cocktail dress

Match your choice of dress to the climate and season. Too revealing clothes are a no-no; wear something whose length is the longer side of short. Any color is fine but avoid wearing black every so often. A cocktail dress works in almost all settings.

Flat shoes

The heels are beautiful, but if you are planning not to limit yourself to the slot machine, then flat shoes will be more comfortable. They will save you the agony and embarrassment of the walking that comes with a combination of heels and long walks. Don’t go for the sneakers, just a pair of comfy flats.

A pullover

Wear a wrap or a sweater that pairs with your dress. If your dress is not formal and you need the formal look, then this will save the day. Considering the possibility of cold especially on casino floors, this will go a long way in aiding you for, especially, the casino night outs.

A blouse

If a skirt or a trouser is what you are going to wear, then you’ll need a shirt. If you are going to be at the casino for a long day, changing may be a necessity especially for hot climates where you sweat a lot. You may pack two to three blouses and change as need arise. Just make sure it blends with the color and design of your trousers. Just like for men, a pair of blue jeans will always do.

Casino gent wear

Khaki pants.

They go with literally everything and are especially useful for after 6 pm. If your skin tone isn’t very well fit for them, then substitute it for dark blue or soft gray. Jeans don’t always cut it so use Khaki pants to try and blend in.

Blue jeans

Jeans come in all forms of styles and design. You can put them on in most modern casinos but avoid the crazy, extreme ones like the beat up wranglers or the punk rock relics. Pretty your jeans up a little bit by mixing it up with something formal like a shirt and a tie.


Leave the sneakers for basketball games. Get a semi-casual look by wearing boat shoes and loafers, they look more formal and are way better. The next time you find yourself caught between the loafers and the sneakers, you know better than to go for the sneakers.

Button down shirt

Short sleeved shirts are usually worn by the staff at casinos; consider a shirt which has a bit long sleeves. Be a little conservative with your shirt by avoiding the printed ones with slogans and symbols. Wear a shirt of your preference but please avoid the plain ones, save that for office work and meetings. By conservative here I imply a shirt which is not extreme, a patterned shirt is alright.

Whatever you dress in, note a few things:

  • Dress comfortably
  • Dress up after 6 pm
  • Whenever allowed, dress casually
  • Take note of the dress code of the casino if at all it has any

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