Neteller Casinos Canada

If you’re familiar with online gambling then Neteller is a name that you have probably heard somewhere and it’s likely that many of your peers use it as well. Neteller is an old name in the e-wallet industry and what makes it such a popular choice for Canadian players is that it’s specially developed for online casino.

It offers players with highly beneficial features that make it the best e-wallet options for Neteller Casinos Canada. Popularity is its’ charm and having an account allows them to access any Neteller Casinos Canada to deposit money so they can play and bet online at their convenience.

Neteller as a Casino Payment Option

Of all the e-wallet services out there, Neteller provides some of the most convenient funding options for you to top up your online account and get ready to head to your favorite online casino Canada. After registering for an e-wallet’s account users have the options to fund their accounts through various ways instantly or locally. It caters to funding options such as debit cards, credit cards, certain local banks for deposits and even international bank transfers. While credit card transfers cater to Visa, other options that are available to Canadian players include Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which means it’s a transfer of funds that move out of your personal bank account, through the ACH and then to your personal account. A similar feature is InstaCash deposit which requires that you verify your bank account with Neteller. In nature, they are just like EFT but much faster because the transaction is virtual.

Canadian online casino withdraw with Neteller

Canadian users that make a deposit on an online casino through Neteller can withdraw their winnings back to their e-wallet account. From there, they can choose whether they will use the money for another game or if they wish to withdraw it further to their bank account. A local bank withdrawal allows players in countries with Neteller affiliated banks to have their winnings transferred from their wallet account to their bank account. An international bank withdrawal allows international players to use its withdrawal services, but this process takes a little longer since there are more details required for security purposes.


Canadian players can join Neteller and avail their e-wallet services for free while their main services are available at a low cost. Depositing money into your Neteller account through your Visa credit card costs a fee of 2.5% of the funds, which should be considered beforehand. Canadian players will enjoy the feature of free debit card deposits and if they’re looking for more, the Net+ Prepaid card is a perfect solution. With the Net+ Prepaid card, users can use it for free at shops and online where it is supported and also get the benefit of free shipping. The foreign exchange fee for Net+ users is 2.95% of the funds while the ATM withdrawal fee is a rate of 3.95 USD. However, these benefits come with some limits such as only 2 withdrawals every day (24 hours) and a limit of 500 USD for ATM withdrawals.


You’ll find that it will be the perfect e-wallet service for your online gambling needs. Registering for an account gives you the benefit of accessing various online casinos because they support it as a payment option. Aside from their low fees and charges, their customer support department offers the best service to users to ensure their money continues to move smoothly. Considering it was primarily developed as a form of payment for online casinos, it should be your top pick when it comes to e-wallets.

Neteller vs. Other E-wallets as a Casino Banking Option

PayPal Casinos

At first glance, it may be easy for anyone to declare PayPal as the definite victor but let’s not reach to a conclusion so quickly. The first disadvantage here is that PayPal does not list many sports betting websites, online casinos and poker games as merchants. Next, PayPal doesn’t offer any VIP services to its loyal customers while Neteller has different levels of services that customers can reach to unlock special benefits. These are the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum programs and each time a customer has paid a specific amount, he is upgraded to the upper tier. Considering these factors, it’s safe to say that Neteller is the champion when it comes to e-wallet services for online casinos.

Skrill Casinos

While you may feel that Neteller and Skrill go head to head as they both are exceptional e-wallet services, there are still a few drawbacks of choosing Skrill as a casino payment option. You’ll find that the benefits of having a Neteller non-VIP MasterCard outweigh those of Skrill. This means you will have to earn VIP status with Skrill before you can enjoy some of the features which Neteller offers without the need for such a status. Furthermore, Skrill’s higher currency exchange fee brings it a disadvantage and that makes Neteller’s 3.19% fee on currency exchange the winner.


With Neteller as your online payment companion, you need not worry about the security of your personal information while you’re betting and playing online. This is a pivoting factor in selecting a payment method on online gambling sites because of the nature of the transactions that take place on such forums. It incorporates various security protocols into every transaction to ensure that your banking information and credit card details remain discreet. Depositing money into online casinos through the service provides Canadian players with the advantage that their information remains secure and invisible across the online forums because the payment is made through their e-wallet account.