Slot Type
Paylines / Reels 15 / 5
Wager Range 0.25 - 75
Potential maximum win 4000
RTP 95.81%

Hitman Online Slot

Updated: September 16, 2019 14:25

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The old adage that work without play makes jack a dull boy is always true because after a hard day of work, we all need to take time and relax doing other activities that are fun and exciting. What better way than playing an engaging Hitman game while in the comfort your plush living room. Better still, you can make it more interesting by playing it with your children, spouse or friends.

This game, by Microgaming, draws its graphical inspiration from Eidos Interactive video game. It was released in 2007 on the 3rd of February after yet another successful slot amendment of the game Tomb Raider. Microgaming team has done a great job, kudos to their dexterous skills, to produce yet another interactive version which has successfully merged with slot machine features to come up with a thrilling treat.

Slot Features

It features a wild symbol which is the icon associated with Hitman slot as well as fifteen paylines and 5 reels which give its unique identity. Once you start playing it, you will not fail to recognize the soundtrack in the background. The soundtrack, which is an original and which keeps on looping as you  progress, is from Hitman the game. The coins used vary in size and per spin; a player can use up to 300 coins. The wild symbol, present on the second, third and fourth reels of the slot game, can expand to other reels just to ensure a winning combination for the player.

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There are other features like a sniper rifle, lethal injection, a handgun, a wire garrote and a knife which are used as symbols on the reels. The symbol’s represent the weapons which the main character in Hitman slot Agent47 uses to eliminate anyone on his way so as to accomplish given assignments. The most interesting feature however is the scatter symbol which enables the player to enjoy a bonus with as many as eighteen spins for free. The only catch here is that the symbol must appear more than three times to activate the bonus. You will also be motivated by the fact that all your wins are doubled automatically when playing the bonus Hitman and better still you have higher chances of activating extra free spins. Is that cool or what?

Extra symbols found make it standout from other games of its genre. The laptop symbol for example leads to the Contract Bonus being launched where you have a potential of winning up to 270,000 coins making it the most profitable in the slot game. The Insignia symbol will launch the Insignia Bonus but only after you spot the symbol on the first three reels. This bonus cannot be compared to the contact because it is less profitable and much simpler. However, you will not regret it at all because a bonus is always an additional benefit making the game even more interesting. Frankly speaking, Hitman slot offers more prizes than most of the other games out there.

My only advice to you right now is to just sit down, relax and enjoy.

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