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The name ‘roulette’ comes from the French language meaning ‘little wheel’, which is quite fitting really, and makes sense seeing as the game was invented in Paris in the 1700’s. The aim of the game is to predict which number the white ball will land on in any given spin of the wheel.

You’ll find both French tables and American tables in online casinos, the main difference being in the numbered pockets. French roulette (on a European table) has 37 coloured pockets that range from the number 0 to the number 36. American roulette has an extra pocket, the 00, bringing its pocket number up to 38. French roulette, the players use all the same colour chips and have to remember what number they bet on at each spin. American roulette (popular in Canada) assigns each player different coloured chips, which makes it easier for the players, and dealer, to discern their own bets.

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How to play (and win) Roulette

Along side the wheel on the table you’ll see a numbered and coloured layout, or grid. These numbers and colours correspond to those in the wheel.

Choose your value. You choose the value of your chips. Roulette chips are specific for this game and you cannot use casino chips to play this game.

Time to place your bets, you can bet straight up on a single number or a number combination, odd or even numbers, or red or black. You can make inside bets or outside bets. The dealer spins the wheel, launches the ball, and you are on your way.

Roulette Rules

The rules are quite simple and easy to follow; however this doesn’t mean it is a simple game. Rules also vary slightly depending on if you are playing French or American roulette in Canada.

The players, usually around 8 per table, play against the house. The house has the advantage when the ball lands on the ‘0’. In American roulette there is even more advantage for the house as they have double the chance with both the ‘0’ and ‘00’ for the house.

You may only play when you are seated at the table, those watching the game may stand.

Once the dealer places a designated amount chip on the railing near the wheel, the amount is set and cannot be changed.

You must place your bets before the dealer drops the ball, although in some cases you can place bets whilst the wheel is in motion. When the dealers calls ’ no more bets’ no more wagers are allowed on the board.

Roulette Bets and bonuses

Inside bets are as follows:
One number: ‘straight up’ payout odds at 37-1.
Two numbers: ‘Split bet’ 17-1
Three numbers: ‘Street Bet’ 11-1
Four numbers ‘Corner’ 8-1
Five numbers (this doesn’t exist on the French wheels)
Six numbers ‘Line Bet’ or ‘double street’ 5-1

Outside bets:
Twelve numbers in a line ‘Column’, any three columns on the grid, 2-1
Twelve numbers ‘Dozen’ a bet on the first 12 numbers, the second 12 or third 12. Payout at 2-1
Red or black – 18 red, 18 black, en even money bet
Even or odd – 18 odd, 18 even, an even money bet
Low or high numbers, either 1 to 18, or 19 to 37

Safety and withdrawal

Once the ball has landed safely in its desired pocket, the dealer will put a marker, or ‘dolly’, on the corresponding number and colour on the board. The winning bets are any chips placed on or around that winning number. The dealer will clear away all loosing bets; pay the winning bets, as new bets are made for the next round. You must take away your original winning chip from the board unless you want to bid again on the same number or colour.  You may leave the table when a round has finished, giving up your seat to the next player. Take your cash chips given to you by the dealer from your wins and they can be exchanged for money at the cashier desk.

Where to play?

It is pretty much guaranteed that you will find a roulette table in every major casino in the world, and then often in the smaller ones too. It is a very popular game worldwide although you may not find too many American roulette tables open for play in France, the games birthplace. Is it said that if there is a French roulette game available, its better to play that over an American one as the odds are more in your favour because of the extra ‘0’ pocket for the house.

Atlantic city, Monte Carlo and Macau are three of the world best gambling destinations and places you will find quality Roulette games to get your spin on.

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